Wonder no more about the strange construction at Guam’s busiest intersection.

It’s the latest form of billboard — with light-emitting diodes — is a three-dimensional high- resolution billboard under construction at the International Trade Center intersection in Tamuning. The billboard box is designed to catch the eye and appeal of a daily traffic audience of an estimated 88 300 viewers. The unveiling is set for May 1.

Matthew P. Beck director of sales and marketing for TriVision Inc. told the Journal that in the last decade the outdoor advertising industry has evolved and grown in revolutionary ways. “The innovation of digital technology in LED billboard displays has revolutionized the face and reaching power of outdoor media. It’s eye-catching high resolution full-color motion animation gives companies the marketing edge to compete in today’s saturated media market and highly mobile consumer society.”

While many traditional media segments have struggled to remain competitive during economic downturns “The outdoor industry has been exhibiting upward trends with $5.23 billion spent in 2002 marking its growing impact and importance in the future of media ” Beck said. “Outdoor advertising today is a vital element in well-conceived marketing plans including Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T American Express IBM McDonald’s and Procter & Gamble. With the vast array of advertising media to choose from companies both nationally and here locally are recognizing the impact and influence of outdoor advertising.”

The Department of Public Works’ Guam Highway Master Plan 1998-2003 showed the ITC intersection has an average daily traffic volume of 50 457 vehicles. With Guam’s average of 1.75 passengers per car viewership reaches nearly 90 000 daily. “That’s over 2.6 million viewers per month with an annual viewership of 32.2 million per year ” Beck said.

Beck said the triangle shape will give motorists a can’t-miss head-on approach and through a limited number of spot rotations and frequencies (13 spots rotate at 10-second intervals 24 hours a day) 12 will be paid and the 13th for public service announcement. equated to an average of 664 advertising rotations per client daily.

“TriVision Media Group allows our clients a new creative freedom. Unlike traditional billboards the message is not limited to one ad or spot ” Beck said. “We utilize high-speed digital technology that allows a client to get their message up and running in 72 hours unlike weeks of bill-board preparation and expensive printing and installation costs which are now eliminated giving the customer the ability to promote a last-minute sale for the weekend or to announce the arrival of a new shipment of goods or a new service.”

TriVision is owned by Bobby S. Sachdev director of the Carl’s Jr. franchise is director of administration and finances; Christopher A. Morato vice president of GETS Business Systems Inc. dealer for Tokyo Electric Corp. cash registers scales and bar-code scanners is director for information technology; and Beck. Beck formerly worked for Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting Inc. as an account executive for eight years. All are equal owners in the new venture.

“We have a unique synergy and TriVision is bringing this technology to Guam to help rejuvenate and stimulate the sales market ” Beck said. “Studies show that the most influential media source before most purchases was outdoor advertising confirming its effective influence on consumers.”

The 20-foot-high three-dimensional billboard will have two 9-foot-by-12-foot panels that have a viewing angle up to 170 degrees at a cost of $300 000 each. The first will face Northbound traffic and will be in operation by May 1.

Beck said TriVision is planning to install the second panel for southbound traffic by November depending on initial sales. “We hope to install it sooner considering it is an election year for the legislature and there will be a substantial amount of advertising dollars out there. We feel that once consumers see the quality — which is better than high-definition television — we will have companies reserving space quickly.”

As to the cost for placing advertising on the LED billboard Beck said “We first meet with our clients to research their needs and what other cross-media promotions might be involved so that the most effective approach at a very reasonable price can be worked into a competitive proposal. It has to be successful for our client to be successful as well for ourselves. MBJ