A wrongful death suit seeking $1 million in punitive damages has been filed in federal court against Continental Micronesia by the family of the late Olimpio E. Montoya.

Montoya was a passenger on CO Flight 934 on June 8 2002 from Manila to Guam when court documents state “he suffered medical problems and a cerebral hemorrhage.”

In the first count of the complaint the Estate of Olimpio E. Montoya represented through legal counsel by William L. Gavras partner in Gorman & Gavras Law Offices alleged that Continental failed to take adequate measures to protect the health of Montoya and that the aircraft did not have sufficient medical equipment on board.

The complaint dated March 9 further stated that the airline failed to contact ground personnel to obtain medical assistance nor did its employees take adequate measures to protect the health of its passengers.

Montoya was married to Andrea Montoya and had six surviving children. The estate is demanding payment of $1 million reasonable attorney fees and other court costs to be determined at trial by a jury of six.

Continental Micronesia in its answer to the complaint prepared by its attorney David Ledger of Carlsmith Ball LLP denies all allegations that it was responsible for Montoya’s death and admits only that he was on its flight from Manila to Guam when the passenger appeared to have become ill.

The federal court has not yet set a date for the jury trial. MBJ