Food cart traps air traveler lawsuit follows

Robert J. Del Rosario has filed a suit against Japan Airlines International Co. Ltd. in the District Court of Guam requesting damages and a jury trial for injuries he sustained while onboard flight No. 981 inbound to Guam from Japan in July 2002. According to Del Rosario’s attorney William L. Gavras his client alleges that Japan Airlines flight No. 981 took off at a steeper than usual incline during which a food cart came loose and struck Del Rosario who was buckled in his seat.

Gavras says that his client was trapped by the food cart for the duration of the takeoff. “These things are very heavy and no one can come to his rescue because they’re at takeoff so it was not only the strike of the object but then the enormous pressure on him ” Gavras said.

According to the suit Del Rosario claims the incident exacerbated an existing medical condition in addition to injuries received as a result of the accident onboard the aircraft.

In his suit Del Rosario also alleges that Japan Airlines failed to provide appropriate medical assistance. He is asking for punitive damages in the amount of $3 million. No trial date has been set.

Hun Sang Lee vs. Royal Orchid Hotel

A Korean tourist who is now a paraplegic has filed suit against the Royal Orchid Hotel claiming his injuries are the result of negligence by the hotel.

Han Sang Lee was staying at the Royal Orchid Hotel on Nov. 17 2002 when he dove in to the hotel pool and struck his head on the submerged concrete steps. Lee was taken to Guam Memorial Hospital where he was diagnosed with an irreversible form of paraplegia resulting in complete loss of function below the waist.

Lee alleges the hotel failed to take precautionary measures for pool safety such as installing recessed steps or painting the steps a contrasting color. In his complaint Lee claims the Royal Orchid Hotel encouraged Korean tourists to stay in their hotel but failed to provide safety signs written in Korean near the pool warning of the steps and lack of lifeguard on duty.

Manhattan Guam Inc. which does business as the Royal Orchid Hotel has denied these charges and parties are prepared to take the issue to court. A trial date has not been set in this case. MBJ