A new deadline has become important to five prospective prime contractors in the Base Operating Support services contract.

Meanwhile the bidding process for two services to be bid separately — housing services and Morale Welfare and Recreation management — continues apace. The request for proposals to manage and maintain Navy housing worth annually between $5 million and $7 million was expected to be issued on Aug. 20 with an award by the end of the year. Bids in response to the MWR request for proposal are due Aug. 26 and cover services for food and beverage concessions marina operations theatre operations bowling operations golf operations and bingo operations.

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command two companies from the seven initial bidders — and submitted questions to the remaining five. The questions have a response date of Sept. 1.

The five contract contenders are AECOM-Shaw Associates; Day & Zimmerman Services Inc.; DynPacific [the operating name of DynCorp Technical Services Inc. BAE and Del-Jen]; Pacific American Support Services and VT Griffin Services Inc.

Jacobs Sverdrup and Johnson Control were advised they did not make the selection.

AECOM-Shaw Associates is a joint venture between AECOM Governmental Services Inc. and Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure Inc.

Harry Steinke vice president for AECOM Government Services Inc. told the Journal “At this stage of the procurement process it would be premature to assume any one team has a clear lead. Through the discussion process each team has the opportunity to clarify their proposal and correct any deficiencies. The teams bidding the Guam BOS opportunity are all fine respected services providers. All genuinely want to provide our nation’s sailors the best support services possible. In the end it will be a win-win for the Navy the people of Guam and the local businesses; no matter which team is selected to be the next BOS contractor.”

The proposed program manager for AECOM-Shaw is Robert “Bob” Pizzano. Contracting companies on Guam were approached to form exclusive relationships with bidders for the BOS contract; Journal sources said AECOM-Shaw was particularly keen for contractual partnerships.

It has formed partnerships with Cabras Marine MTO Maintenance Able Industries and Fleet Services (See “BOS Battle begins ” in the Feb. 9 edition of the Journal.) as well as the University of Guam. Like other primes AECOM-Shaw also formed various non-exclusive contracts with contractors.

Kevin Cummings president of DynPacific Services LLC said “DynPacific Services LLC brings the expertise and technology from DynCorp a CSC company; BAE; and Del-Jen to support the military and local community on Guam. Our office located in Hagatna is the focal point for our liaison with the Chamber of Commerce and Guam community. As the continuing Navy Base operations support contract bidder we are proud of our community involvement and look forward to a long lasting and enduring relationship.”

Cummings would be the DynPacific project manager for Guam.

Pacific American Support Services is a joint venture between Kellogg Brown and Root and CH2M Hill.

E. Michael Leonard project general manager for Pacific said “Pacific American Support Services the joint venture of industry leaders Kellogg Brown & Root and CH2M-HILL are pleased to continue in its pursuit of the Guam BOS contract. Pacific American continues to believe that its substantial resources multi-decade experience working in Guam and focus on local solutions will be recognized as the Navy’s best value for the Guam BOS.”

KBR held subcontracting talks with a number of companies including Teaming for Guam members and the Guam Community College.

Teaming for Guam a group of eight local companies marketed to a number of prime contractors as a group although its members held individual discussions with the primes. Its members are Advance Management Inc. Black Construction Corp. Global Food Services and Facilities LLC Kloppenburg Enterprises Inc. PCR Environmental Inc. Sanford Technology Group LLC SET-Pacific Inc. and Triple J Enterprises Inc. Advance Management SET-Pacific and Black Construction are sub-contracting to Raytheon.

Raytheon Technical Services (Guam) is the outgoing holder of the contract. The BOS contract will be awarded in December phased in on Jan. 1 2005 with implementation by April 1 2005.

Another round of cuts is expected. MBJ