The qualifying certificates have to be one of the best incentives in the world for business.

The certificates were and are designed to attract new business to Guam thereby providing new jobs and additions to the government of Guam’s tax base.

At present there are 26 qualifying certificates with the last one issued in January 2003.

It’s time to issue some more.

As Jay Merrill said in his column on this page tourism will need to look to the private sector for more investment.

What better way to encourage new business for this industry and others?

IT&E was a recipient of a qualifying certificate for 20 years and had the ingenuity foresight and courage to jumpstart the telecommunications industry on our island.

All member companies of that industry recognize and laud IT&E for its contribution for without modern communication no business or industry will be drawn here.

While another qualifying certificate might not be right for IT&E it is definitely right for new businesses.

The upcoming Department of the Interior investment conference in Los Angeles will draw American businesses that are interested or merely curious about our island. A qualifying certificate could see-saw a business into taking a closer look at opportunities in Guam and our region.

Of course the board of directors of the authority should wield the power it has to grant the variety of such certificates carefully and consider all recommendations from its staff as to the wisdom of granting each and every certificate.

Any business applying for a certificate should of necessity prove that it has the wherewithal — and the intent — to truly benefit our community.

But let’s publicize and use one of the best tools we have to encourage business development. Roll out the qualifying certificates.