The Defense Logistics Agency command for Naval Forces Marianas was activated as of Oct. 1 supplying warehousing and distribution to the Navy’s military commands and already looks like expanding.

The agency depot — which will operate as the Defense Distribution Depot Guam Marianas — will be located at the Navy base and will replace many functions now provided by the Supply Annex of Raytheon Technical Services Guam’s Base Operating Services Contract.

Eagle Support Services Corp. of Huntsville Ala. was awarded the Defense Logistics Agency Guam Physical Distribution Operations contract and partners with Kellogg Brown & Root Services Inc. of Arlington Va. as its principal subcontractor for the contract which has a first contract period of $1.78 million.

However Gary Pinson project manager for the DLA contract said the project had already expanded.

The estimated value of the five-year contract is $9.4 million allowing for the employment of 31 personnel. However Pinson told the Journal “I have worked with DLA to point out areas where there were differences in the program amounts of work and what I found on-site.” He said he has approval to increase the scope of the contract to 41 personnel. Seven of the positions are federal and he said “Some were employees from the current Raytheon contract. We are glad to get them they know the business here.”

Pinson has extensive experience in defense logistics. He said “I’ve personally operated one of these depots before as depot commander … and helped start several others.”

The agency he said “Is a complete transition from government-owned to private- owned.” Pinson said the agency would have to meet any military logistic needs in any circumstances. “The tricky part is having to respond like the government does.”

In the event of a military buildup on the island the agency’s services would be increasingly called on. He said “We know that defense presence is increasing in Guam. It has great harbors — my expectation my opinion is there will be more ships homeported here.

Pinson said the agency has a “commitment to all of the services.” Originally the Defense Supply Agency in the early ‘60s the DLA has downsized the number of government employees. However he said the Defense Logistic Agency is now “everywhere in the world where our fighters are.” The agency has 25 sites.

Eagle Support Services Pinson said was “very pleased to be awarded the contract ” and delighted to begin doing business in Guam. Eagle looked forward to participating in community organizations and events he said.

Naval Forces Marianas will retain the Fleet Industrial Supply Center which will report to the Fleet Industrial Supply Center at Pearl Harbor Hawaii.

That supply center will continue to supply numerous specialized support functions to the Navy. Cmdr. Anthony A. Sorrell commander of Navy Support to the Fleet Industrial Supply Center Navy Region Marianas told the Journal the center’s role could be described as the customer-service side.

The center’s service responsibilities are numerous he said.

“On the fleet-support side we are responsible for material expediting.” If a ship due to arrive in Guam urgently needed a part the supply center would arrange for priority ordering and delivery.

Fleet Industrial Supply Center awards service contracts of less than $100 000. Contracts over that amount are awarded by the supply center in Pearl Harbor or Puget Sound. Sorrell said “We do the service contracts for all Navy activities.” The Air Force has a similar center.

The supply center also services the submarine squadron and any additional submarines homeported in Guam could require additional manpower. “We would hire or put more people here also.”

Sorrell said his command of about 40 personnel included contracted federal and military personnel. Duties do not include food services for ships due to arrive in port but the center does act as liaison. “Ships submit food requirements to my office and we forward it to the food office.” In addition the center coordinates personal-effect shipments shipments of vehicles and supplies everything from cellular phones to rental cars for ships in port. MBJ