The U.S. Government’s Morale Welfare and Recreation non-appropriated funds contracting office replaced Global Food Services Inc. effective Oct. 1 with NANA Services Inc. as Morale Welfare and Recreation subcontractor.

Michael Scott president and chief executive officer of NANA Services told the Journal by phone from NANA headquarters in Washington State on Sept. 24 that the company was happy that MWR had elected to once again contract with them.

“We certainly look for good things to happen in this contract period ” Scott said. “We had a year hiatus when the contract was interrupted and given to a company on Guam. For whatever reasons that company did not want to continue providing food and recreational support services and we are thrilled to be back.”

The company Scott referred to is Global Food Services Inc. who had gone to great lengths to win the contract in October 2003. A year later the company did not wish to renew its contract. NANA then contracted with MWR for an undisclosed contract amount.

Scott said employees usually are secure with a change of subcontractor. “Generally we will take the same people that had been working for us before and had then moved over to Global. Now they will be back with us again so the transition will appear seamless ” he said. “Those that are there already know how to do the job so we hit the road running.”

The areas of coverage under the contract include portions of the MWR billeting and part of the 12-C category which is an acronym for services performed for MWR in the area of food service and club management. The Category C programs were removed from the Base Operating Services support contract and are now considered a stand alone business for MWR.

“One of the reasons I believe we are back in Guam for the second time is that we did have a good relationship before and a lot of those same people are still with us. There are many more who want to come back to work for us ” Scott said. “Our primary focus is our customer and equally our employees and through fostering of those relationships we look for exciting things to happen.”

“We will employ at about the same level as we did when we left in 2003 which was about 24 managers and 200 employees ” Scott said.

As for the transition period between companies Scott said it was going smoothly. “We feel good about this and we are working with Global in purchasing their inventory and the quality of service will be the high standard we daily work to achieve which brings patrons back and creates a sense of loyalty.”

Global Food Services Inc. a Guam company owned by David and Lucy Alcorn took over operation from NANA on Oct. 1 2003 and throughout the year received ratings quality of service ratings of 98% to 100%.

Lucy Alcorn president and chief executive officer said. “We thoroughly enjoyed working with MWR and are continuing a wonderful relationship with the Navy through the other contracts we currently operate.”

Global Food Services managed the Category C needs of MWR through a partnering relationship with Raytheon Technical Services. “We are most pleased that Raytheon and the Navy allowed us to bring the Hafa Adai spirit to the Navy families on base ” she said.

After the original Request for Proposals was released in July Alcorn said her company submitted an alternative proposal to the Navy which did not meet its objectives. “The government cancelled the first bid and put out a second RFP. My management team and myself did not feel that the financial model would fit with our present and future company goals.”

Alcorn said that with the experience the staff and management of the Global group gained in the last year they now have a clear vision of the opportunities and directions the company should go. “We wish NANA Services all the best.”

NANA Services Inc. is a hospitality company formed by the indigenous people of Alaska and has been operating since 1971. The company has 11 000 shareholders of the Inupiat Eskimo tribe as well as members of the Inupiaq tribe and employs over 4 000 people in Alaska and Washington State.MBJ