What will Guam get from the gaming industry? Jobs tax dollars tourism diversification — and an up-to-date image for the island — all the things it wants.

If the initiative passes what Guam will get is a cautious step forward into an industry that is burgeoning in our region as it has grown in the U.S. and around the world.

Gaming is popular with Asians and in Asia — it’s an added attraction for tourists.

The reality is that tourists — and yes Japanese tourists — don’t run away from casinos. None of the locations around the world that have casinos have seen their Asian tourists vanish.

Guam already has serious gaming. Pachinko bingo and cockfighting bets pale against the illegal card games and roving underground casinos that deprive the island of wages and tax dollars.

What will Guam get if Prop A passes? Not 12 casinos in a strip. Michael Stirling senior vice president of Caesars International made an honest assessment of what the island can presently support — one or two casinos of about 50 000 square feet. “A pretty modest start ” he said not something the size of Caesars Palace. Like Macao whose industry was first regulated with a limited casino presence the plan is that Guam will learn to walk before it can run.

The casino gaming industry will be a bird in the hand better than yet more vague statements in the bush that Guam must develop its tourism industry.

Gaming offers Guam another string to its tourism bow.

This publication will always encourage new industries for Guam.

Let market forces dictate where tourist dollars are spent. But as international luxury goods retailers will tell you gaming has not driven away their customers — to the contrary.

What will Guam get from the gaming industry?

What Guam will get from the gaming industry is ten times better than it is getting now — a big fat zero of the money circulating at illegal games.

We urge members of the business community and all voters when they go to the polls to consider their vote as a business and economic decision. Place your bet on Prop A.