With the enthusiastic reception that Marianas Music Videos has gotten on Saipan the show’s producer has plans to launch the MTV-style channel on Guam.

MMV first aired in Saipan on Aug. 5 to great reception by the local population.

“Right now it’s the hottest show on island ” Fel “A.J.” Baldevia producer and director told the Journal from his https://www.mbjguam.com/tP6GWG3L/guam-news.phpGuam Newsstudio in Saipan. “We’ve shown this on Guam and Guam wants it. Plans are in the works to bring it to Guam but in a different format.”

Baldevia is co-owner of the show’s parent company Marianas Multimedia Inc. along with partners Sheryl Camacho Edward Camacho Frank Pangelinan and former Guam Sen. Marcel Camacho.

The half-hour show airs on KMCV Channel 7 every Monday and Thursday from 6:30 to 7 p.m. featuring VJs Patty C. Walter Manglona and VJ Badu aka Pete Magofna and music videos of local musicians produced by Baldevia.

“It’s growing out here — people are really enjoying what we’re producing ” said Baldevia who said he has dreamed of the concept since working as a Disc Jockey on Guam for local radio stations and after first watching MTV. “The model for MTV exists and we know it works and we know there is a huge market out there. As a musician and working in entertainment for a while I’ve been asking myself ‘why can’t our people do the same thing out here in the Pacific?’”

Marcel Camacho said he got involved in the project after going out to Saipan and seeing the production in May.

“It is a wonderful instance of promoting artistry in a medium they hadn’t had access to before ” he said. Marcel is spearheading the effort to start the show on Guam. “What we’ve discovered is that the market here is a little more demanding. They want to ensure that the entertainment value of the videos is up to par with other local entertainment shows.”

Even so Marcel said everyone he’s shown the show to on Guam has been excited about the production. He has talked to a number of sponsors including cellular phone beer and car companies and has talked to a couple of stations that are interested in televising the show. He said government agencies such as the Guam Visitors Bureau and the Guam International Airport Authority have also shown interest.

“We’ve had excellent feedback from every company we’ve showed the videos to ” Marcel said. He said the Guam show would probably have a feature where viewers can send text live into the show.

Advertisers in Saipan include car beer and cell phone companies catering to MMV’s demographic. Baldevia offers a package at $700 per month including about 16 spots at about $45 a spot. Production comes with a three-month package.

In the meantime Baldevia would like to build up a library of local videos in preparation for a Guam launch. He is planning to come to Guam in November to shoot a video for Frank “Bokonggo” Pangelinan and is talking to D.U.B. (Da Udda Band) about doing its first music video.

Baldevia said that a lot of local artists are excited about the opportunity to have a music video. On Saipan he’s filmed videos for artists that include Walter Manglona Root 66 Sons of Harmony the Pala Pala Boys Pat Cepeda and the Two Angels Pete Magofna Jerry Alcantara and Split Attitude among others.

“We’re promoting unknown artists ” Baldevia said. “We can sell a product a lot faster in this medium. In reality videos are what markets the CDs and the tapes for the artists. Not only that but the music video also sells. It brings to the public the artist in such a way that they get to know the person what he’s all about and what he’s trying to say.”

Baldevia and Camacho have big long-term plans for the show including the desire to eventually move into the rest of Micronesia. They want to have a dedicated 24-hour cable channel with all the types of shows seen on MTV such as reality shows and televised beach parties. “Anything that MTV is doing we’re going to do as well but in our own style and in our own environment ” Baldevia said. MBJ