This paper has already come out in support of Proposal A in its Oct. 4 editorial.

What is equally important is that as many of the electorate as possible participate in the process if Proposal A remains on the ballot.

Events surrounding Proposal A continue to change day by day. On Oct. 27 Gov. Felix P. Camacho signed Bill 374 into law. That bill proposed by Sen. Vicente C. “Ben” Pangelinan speaker of the 27th Guam Legislature and approved by 14 of Guam’s 15 legislators addressed the requirement for voters to view the Act

The act will be made available at mayors’ offices and public libraries.

Meanwhile what will happen with the civil cases calling for a special election on Proposal A is as yet unclear until the District Court of Guam rules on the issue of a special election. There is even the possibility that the lower court will still involve itself.

These cases await the court’s wisdom.

While the statements and the legal machinations continue what is crystal clear is that the legalities are obscuring the issue — should Guam have casino gaming or not?

What are an employer’s responsibilities as the election approaches?

But any employer who encourages employees to continue to review the issues is promoting healthy debate and the democratic process.

Similarly employers that encourage employees to review the act — and step back from the rhetoric that abounds — is supporting that process.

Employers are bound by law to give staff two hours during the day on Nov. 2 in which they can fulfill the privilege that our democratic society allows them.

And employers should certainly encourage their workers to take advantage of that privilege.

The Committee to Get Guam Working has done us a service. As with our own election coverage the committee asked candidates questions that focused on issues that affect all of us — employers and employees alike. And many businesses will make the responses available in our places of employment. The Web site also allows for quiet and private review of the responses and equally important the questions that were asked.

It is also an opportunity for all of us to reflect on the importance of choosing the candidates that will govern on our behalf for the next two years and to come out and vote.