The Guam International Airport has designed a new program that officials said will ease long waits at immigration processing counters and alleviate visitor arrival misunderstandings and frustration.

The new traveler’s aid — the Airport Ambassador Program — was implemented Nov. 1.

Ayudanten Puetton Batkon Airen Guahan provides multilingual passenger assistance in what have been identified as key areas of potential delay for arrivals at the airport.

According to Rolenda L. Faausumalie airport marketing manager arriving passengers transiting the customs and border protection hall will meet culturally uniformed airport representatives that will help foreign passengers correctly fill out the proper documents for arrival processing.

“We hope to give a cultural impression of Guam while at the same time helping to alleviate passenger confusion of immigration documentation required for inspection while entering the island for vacation ” Faausumalie said.

Airport representatives wearing island-style dresses and shirts will be available in early morning peaks hours. The multi-lingual staff — who speak Korean Japanese Chinese and English — is intended to impart a positive impression and aid with the completion of forms.

The representatives will help move visitors through the area of the airport without interruption. Processing in the arrival hall has been taking from 45 minutes to an hour at peak arrival times in the early mornings and afternoons.

“We are excited to add this service for passengers and users of airport facilities as part of the quest to improve customer service ” said Jesse Q. Torres executive manager at the airport.

“The ambassador program is new to the airport and we are all looking forward to being a part of this new interactive program ” he said.

A public launch of the program is scheduled to take place in late November.

Retailing at the airport will also present a fresher face.

A $7.2 million renovation of the airport’s major retail operations at DFS Guam is ongoing and due to be completed in December. MBJ