On Nov. 23 Douglas B. Moylan attorney general asked the Superior Court of Guam to temporarily restrict PacifiCare Asia Pacific from offering insurance to any government of Guam employees through the agreement it has with the Guam Federation of Teachers.

Once again health care for government of Guam workers has become a litigious issue. For the second year running the enrollment period has been surrounded by uncertainty.

Moylan is filing to prevent what he said is the collapse of the government’s group health insurance. In doing so he is attempting to ensure that premiums — already increased over fiscal 2004 rates — do not move higher.

The teachers’ union is not the first government of Guam entity to consider negotiating a health plan separately from the government’s but the first to actually pursue an agreement to conclusion. In so doing it is patently looking out for the welfare of its ??? members as it should. GFT has also negotiated home and auto insurance for its membership at the same time with Moylan’s Insurance.

The teachers’ federation said it will continue to offer the one-year plan to its members as it is not a party to any court action.

PacifiCare may have negotiated with the GFT on the one hand while on the other it was seeking to be released from its arrangement with the government as a whole.

For those of us in the business community it is obvious that no company would turn away the prospect of a lucrative contract.

Staywell Insurance and Calvo’s SelectCare are the two providers presently offering open enrollment to government employees. They cannot be blamed for attempting to protect contracts based on actuarial projections of the number of employees they might be expected to serve.

The GFT contract is solely for active members leaving aside government of Guam retirees the demographic group most likely to be heavier users of any insurance plan.

Both the government of Guam and the incoming 28th Guam Legislature need to address the issue of provisions not only for aging government of Guam workers -— but for the island’s uninsured.

What the GFT has done is teach a simple lesson about health care provisions on the island which must be the subject of some creative planning and a business-like approach.