With the new year comes a new base operating support contract and a new prime contractor that is excited to be coming to Guam.

A leading executive from the incoming company told the Journal that his group is taking a careful well-planned approach so that an effective transition can occur.

Day & Zimmermann — through its joint venture DZSP 21 LLC — will provide base operations services to Naval Forces Marianas in April 2005 after a three-month transition period.

Larry J. Ames president and chief executive officer of Defense Support Services a subsidiary company of Day & Zimmermann; talked with the Journal from his office in Philadelphia on Jan. 4.

He said “We are very excited about coming to Guam. I know that Guam is vital for both the Navy and other government activities. We also understand how important this [the BOS contract] is to the economy out there.”

The principal members of DZSP 21 LLC include Day & Zimmermann Inc. Parsons Infrastructure & Technology Group Inc. and SKE Support Services Inc.

Ames said that it was still too early to talk about local partnering agreements as DZSP was still completing talks with the Navy and that further information on details would be decided by mid-January.

Ames did tell the Journal “We are committed to the subcontracting of services with Guam companies and we look forward to working with the community. I know that partnership is a term often used. In the other communities that we serve and the other customers that we serve that is how we approach our business — I think Guam is going to be a great example.”

As to the question of how the contract will be handled Ames replied “Our approach is methodical in the sense that we want to make sure we listen before we begin talking. We need to get out and listen to the leadership the people our [Navy] customer and then we can make decisions accordingly.”

Ames said while he will be assisting during the initial transition period the on-site manager for the Navy project will be Daniel McDonald. “Dan is currently a consultant. However he was previously president of Day & Zimmermann Services.”

I look forward to assisting Dan and our other team members with this project ” Ames said. “We are looking forward to being a part of the Guam family. I know that family is very important to people on Guam and it is important to our company as well. We are looking to earn our spot at the [Guam] table.”

Ames said that during the next few weeks members of the transition team under McDonald’s guidance would be busy meeting with local Navy officials and local civic leaders. “We are going to listen very carefully and look forward to meeting with the political leadership while carefully taking into account the local culture and the local requirements and then build that into decisions that we will later announce.”

Ames said that the specially merged group that will work on the BOS support project unites and consolidates the expertise of each of the three companies combining more than 110 years of support to the Navy mission.

“Our role is to support the Navy in whatever they want us to do ” Ames said. He said the motto of Defense Support Services is “We serve those that serve.”

“We live and breathe the mission every day and missions change every day — if the Navy needs something and it’s within our capability then we are there to do that.”

Now with the new contract awarded Ames said “We will be driven by our customer’s requirements — whatever they may be.”

DZSP 21 was awarded a $34 million (one-year base period) cost-plus-award-fee contract with nine one-year award options. If all options of the contract are exercised the cumulative value of the contract will be $423.4 million. MBJ