KOROR Palau — The government of Greece contributed 30 000 Euros —equivalent to $34 000 U.S. — to Palau as part of the Greek commitment to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Program.

Greece’s contribution to Palau was earmarked to assist governmental programs. J. Risong Tarkong inter-agency government special assistant at the office of the president told the Journal the funds would be used to support primary education and health programs.

Intended to help Third World countries and developing small nations the program goals focus on maternal health child mortality eradication of poverty and hunger HIV/AIDS and other diseases primary education social equality and opportunities for women environmental sustainability and global partnership. Greece is among 189 U.N. member states that pledged to support the program which aims to accomplish eight major goals by 2015 according to a Feb. 23 press release from the office of the president.

Stuart Beck Palau’s ambassador to the U.N. received the contribution from Adamantios Th. Vassilakis Greece’s ambassador to the U.N. at the United Nations offices in New York on Feb.10. MBJ