People who just can’t get enough broadcast news and current events should soon be able to turn to public television for another fix.

KGTF Channel 12 will launch a “public affairs” program as it is known in the public broadcasting arena titled “View-Point”. A promotional write-up for potential sponsors indicates the show will “focus on news trends and topical issues of interest and importance to the community of Guam.”

According to the promotional letter View-Point is KGTF’s “commitment to highlighting social political and cultural issues concerning Guam and its residents and to expanding the public broadcast audience.”

Jacqueline Q. Ronan station general manager for KGTF told the Journal “There are a number of reasons why we wanted to start the program but the main reason is we wanted to create a flagship for public television and for KGTF Channel 12.

“It’s the station’s 35th anniversary and it’s been several years since KGTF had a public affairs show. The program will feature two hard news stories and one light feature ” she said.

Sonya Artero Dias will make her return to Guam’s TV as the host of View-Point which is due to launch in the coming months.

KGTF is looking for businesses and or individuals to underwrite the program.

The governor’s office will also contribute to View-Point.

Erica Perez spokeswoman for the governor’s office said the office of the governor would be ‘advisors’ to the program. “As far as details we haven’t hashed that out ” she said.

KGTF continues to offer new programs including the Triple J Enterprises Inc.-sponsored “Marriage Uncensored” which aired on March 4.

According to KGTF Marriage Uncensored is made up of 13 episodes covering a number of family and marriage issues including improving communication conflict resolution understanding male-female differences sexual dysfunction adopting a child and workaholic fathers.

Viewers can catch that program every Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 6 p.m. MBJ