The Chamorro Land Trust Commission did not openly talk about the Ypao Point Development during its regular monthly meeting on March 11.

Commission members called an executive session to discuss the subject. Later the Journal spoke with Thomas A. Elliot director of the trust who said it was unfortunate that the commission was ready to enter into final negotiations with the Taiwan developers YTT Corp. but the company was not. He said the corporation was still working on complying with federal guidelines regarding foreign capital transfer into the mainland U.S. and its territories. “When they are ready we hope to move forward with the process ” he said.

The commission also dealt with numerous commercial lease requests during the same meeting. These included:

• A request from Perez Bros. Inc. to lease property along Route 15 near the Guam International Raceway Park for the purpose of establishing a quarry. Elliot said the company did not indicate the amount of acreage or square meters it would need for the proposed operation.

• The commission was also looking at a request from Transworld Radio for an additional acre in order to set up another antenna.

• A request from J.U. Network to set up a “Miniature World Theme Park”. During the meeting the developers said the theme park would feature miniature models of famous world monuments including Guam’s iconography. J.U. Network is requesting 35 to 50 acres. Elliot said the request is still in its conceptual phase and no designs were offered to the commission. “They were before the commission only to gauge their interest ” he said. “The commission is considering the request based on the availability of acreage.”

• National Car Rental requested a piece of property immediately outside the front gate of Andersen Air Force Base. According to Elliot the car rental company used to occupy space inside Andersen but are no longer operating out of that location and are looking to lease “a couple” of acres. “I think National Car Rental continues to receive a significant amount of business from Andersen and I think they want to be as close as they possibly can ” Elliot said. He said the company was requesting land near the front gate of Andersen in an area that juts to the left along the road leading to Machananao. MBJ