Guam has seen three workplace fatalities in a period of three months. The Occupational Health and Safety Authority told the Journal that each of these accidents were regrettable – and avoidable.

That’s a terrible thing to hear.

OSHA is presently investigating the three deaths on Guam and the circumstance surrounding them.

As the demand for construction services and projects continues companies on Guam both large and small are likely to see increased requests for their services.

And in Saipan many members of the hotel industry are preparing to renovate their properties.

While that’s wonderful news for all of us that work opportunities will increase it means that the statistical likelihood of more accidents — and falls and fatalities — at work sites in the Mariana Islands are likely to continue.

While we pretty much match the national average on fatalities in the workplace according to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics that’s not an admirable statistic.

Frank Strasheim administrator for Region IX of OSHA speaks well of employees in our region. “Ninety per cent of employers will do what’s right ” he told the Journal.

OSHA has taken interest in Micronesia since the garment industry in Saipan began to burgeon within a similar timeframe to the boom in construction on Guam. “Since the early 90s we have increased our presence proportionately ” Strasheim said.

And the interest is justifiably heightened when there is a fatality. “We need to remind people that what we’re talking about is loss of lives and we take that very seriously ” Strasheim said.

While OSHA’s eyes are focused on industry in Guam and Saipan and despite the need for OSHA to perform enforcement and investigation much of that interest is benevolent.

With consultation services frequent education and training opportunities and free on-site services to employers the resources are there for any company to become a safe and healthy working environment or ensure one at its work sites.

Before more accidents and fatalities occur open up to OSHA and take advantage of what this federal agency has to offer.