The New GTA has partnered with others in the telecom services industry to land a multimillion dollar contract to provide the latest and most advanced technological service to military bases on Guam and in Japan. GTA announced on March 23 that the companies will provide local on-island connectivity to Department of Defense sites at Andersen Air Force Base and Naval Station Guam as part of a partnership with Sprint and NTT Communications in Japan. The partners were awarded contracts for a total of $16.6 million for a minimum of 10-year leases up to maximum of 12-year long-term leases by the Defense Information Systems Agency to provide connectivity for DOD sites within Japan (Yokota Air Force Base Japan) and between Japan and Guam.

“NTT is handling all the connectivity in Japan Sprint is handling the activity between Guam and Japan and GTA is handling all connections on Guam ” Bob Taylor president of GTA said. “What we’re providing are large advance pipes of Synchronous Optical Network connections that are fault tolerant meaning if any part of the cable gets cut it’s self healing; the customer is never out of service.”

Taylor said the military bases would be able to send more data and more information handle the growth of their communication needs and operate more efficiently.

The SONET connection is the first of many advance services the New GTA is introducing for the military on Guam and Taylor says the company is continuing its efforts to upgrade GTA services throughout the island. TeleGuam Holdings LLP purchased the assets of the Guam Telephone Authority a government of Guam agency on Jan. 2. TeleGuam Holdings is doing business as GTA. Taylor said the company is looking into bringing the same level of advance communication services such as the SONET connection for the military to consumer populations on Guam.

GTA offers local phone and wireless services and said it intends to provide new business and residential services such as long-distance service Internet and high-definition cable TV. MBJ