Corporate travelers in a hurry in the Pacific Rim will have a new private jet to serve their needs.

ACI Pacific LLC the Guam-based private airline company accepted delivery of the latest addition to its ever growing fleet two weeks ago.

The plane is a 2001 Bombardier Global Express aircraft manufactured and constructed in Montreal Canada. The price tag for a brand-new model is $42 million. This ultra-long-range business jet is capable of sustaining flight for up to 13-and-a-half hours with a top speed of .089 mach.

Normally configured to house up to 15 passengers this particular model is customized to seat nine within its roomy interior to allow for both spaciousness and comfort. It also contains a private stateroom with a fold-down double bed an air show network in-flight information system as well as the “office in the sky” cabin communication system.

ACI Pacific has come a long way since it opened in the 1990s as an aviation consulting firm with only a single plane brought to Guam from California. As a consulting group the company was asked to manage The Gulfstream V as its first aircraft acquisition.

Terry W. Habeck president and chief executive officer of ACI told the Journal “Since then the company has grown to approximately 25 full-time employees with the majority based in Guam in our 50 000 square-foot-hangar. We also have a satellite office in Singapore along with representation throughout Asia.”

ACI Pacific now has four planes after incorporating the new arrival among its ranks. The fleet is diversified so that the airplanes can meet any trip’s requirements. Whether it is the Boeing 737 that allows up to 18 passengers or the Falcon 50 for a smaller crowd the luxury planes are designed to fit the need.

Habeck also said the company would be expecting the acquisition of a fifth plane later this year as it continues to expand its fleet. The anticipated model is a Challenger 604 also built by Bombardier.

Habeck said maintenance is an emphasis of ACI.

“We maintain the most rigid of certifications and feel that our standards are rarely matched. Business in Asia — and I mean all of Asia — is less than 10% of the U.S. market so I guess we are kind of a niche market.”

Business and interest in private corporate travel is increasing he said.

“More aircraft acquisitions are also beginning to develop and we expect that this will support our growth in the region as well as continue to strengthen our financial position.” ACI’s hanger is located in Tiyan. MBJ