Uncle Sam is here for the long haul but he wants upgraded infrastructure and high-quality tools to reinforce his position in the region. In the upcoming Guam Business available this month at newsstands the cover story on the military looks into an armed forces crystal ball for an immediate and long-term vision of Guam’s relationship with this important and evolving sector of the economy. The discussion includes an update on the USS San Francisco the Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine that ran aground in January killing one sailor and injuring 23. What is the vessel’s status and has the incident deterred the Navy from steering in a submarine squadron direction? Another subterranean issue is in the pipes — water pipes. The Navy is taking a phased approach to an overhaul and hardening of its utilities. When Mother Nature blows in the Navy will be prepared. Other topics of the feature include the base operations support contract BRAC developments the spiking dollar figures in military construction projects congressional words of wisdom and more.

• A trend in declining delinquencies has Guam bankers seeing dollar signs. And while they’re not quite chiming “cha-ching!” just yet most agree on a positive forecast for the banking and finance sector. Our feature on banking and finance illustrates the industry’s state of affairs with loans deposits Federal Reserve rates online services and more. Regulation and oversight of banking continues to provide formidable hurdles for Guam bankers. Additionally Bill 8 in the Guam Legislature is causing a banking buzz. If passed into law the legislation proposes to give qualifying certificates to companies who begin investment banking brokerage and securities/commodities trading operations on Guam.

Guam Business magazine third quarter cover.

• A third Guam Business feature tests the mettle of the insurance industry. Although it’s good news for the region that supertyphoons have steered clear for almost three years time off from catastrophes keeps us shiny and happy and curiously more willing to forego re-insuring our property and assets. It’s the memory factor insurers speak of that puts companies at risk. Our story touches on the various markets that carriers are exploring as well as the effects of carriers pulling out.

In between the business features the magaziine includes familiar sections with slight makeovers. A handful of entrepreneurs and small-business owners get spotlights in “ProFiles.” Career-climbers and award-winners take the stage in “NoteWorthy.” MBJ