HENDERSON Nev. — Thomas Mack Jones died here in his sleep at home on June 20 from heart failure related to diabetes. He was 52.

Jones the nephew of Kenneth T. Jones Jr. president of Jones & Guerrero Co. worked for J&G for 28 years in various management and retail occupations.

“He was quite versatile ” Ken Jones said. “We moved him around from place to place and he did a good job wherever we put him. He was well-liked by everyone he worked with.”

Tom Jones retired in March 2003 and moved to Henderson though he remained a consultant to J&G up to the time of his death.

Tom Jones followed his father Mack H. Jones who managed Town House in the early 1970s. Mack is Ken’s brother.

Tom was born on Guam and began his J&G career in January 1977 as administrative assistant with the J&G corporate office in Agana Guam. In October he transferred to the Micronesian Development Co. which operated the Bar K Ranch in Tinian Northern Mariana Islands. He is survived by his wife Juliet P. Jones whom he met in Tinian.

In November 1979 he returned to Guam for four years until 1983 when he left to finish college at the University of San Francisco. He returned from college in August 1984 as vice president for Micronesia Development in Tinian. In January 1985 he returned to Guam as management trainee for Town House Furniture Store. In June 1987 he became merchandise manager for Town House Department Store and was promoted in September 1991 to general manager of Town House.

Tom was well known by friends as a sports fanatic who could converse in detail about most sporting events. MBJ