The Guam International Airport Authority has awarded the contract to run the operations of its parking lot to Pac Air Ltd effective April 28. “The new contract will take over operations of the parking lot previously performed by in house GIAA personnel. “This is in line with the board’s directive to pursue outsourcing and privatization of services here at the A. B. Won Pat Guam Airport ” Rolenda Lujan Faasuamalie marketing administrator for GIAA said.

Pac Air will now shoulder the responsibilities formerly handled by the airport authority to include paying for upgrades to the current parking system and tour bus lot. The company is also charged with implementing an automated exit and “pay by foot” options at multiple locations when exiting the airport facility.

Faasuamalie said the company will also provide a license plate recognition system that will be used to track times and hours of cars entering and utilizing the lot should airport patron lose or misplace parking tickets.

GIAA will also be free and clear of maintenance costs. Under the contract the vendor will be responsible for 100% of the parking lot’s maintenance costs. Pac Air must also immediately improve the look of the lot by applying paint and striping to properly identify and demark parking stalls and maintain cleanliness of the lot.

Pac Air will also pay to GIAA a minimum annual guarantee or a percentage of gross sales. According to Faasuamalie percentages are graduated and are based on gross revenues over a five-year period starting at 10% through 25% during the final year.

Because negotiations were still underway during the time this story sent to press Faasuamalie did not want to disclose any dollar amounts.

An investigation is also underway after four airport employees were arrested allegedly for stealing money while overseeing parking lot operations dating back to 2001. MBJ