There is a lot of grim news around the Mariana Islands — just think of the cessation of Japan Airlines flights to Saipan; and the cessation of flights to Taiwan from Guam by Continental Airlines.

When good news comes along — its appropriate for the business community to count its blessings also.

All news of investment is good news and refreshes the wider business community.

Hotel sales and upgrades new restaurants new small businesses — despite mixed prospects for all of us it’s a sign that markets and the entrepreneurial spirit are alive no matter what.

But best of all the good news in our pages — and certainly the story with the most panoramic and scenic photo is the prospect of huge investment at the LaoLao Bay Golf Course.

While the investment is staggered the $2-million outlay on hole No. 5 on the East Course captures the imagination.

As our story on Page ?? tells the hole will boast a spectacular 300 foot suspension bridge that will hang out over the water.

LaoLao Bay is not making a quiet investment or a silent statement.

? Saito general manager at LaoLao Bay Golf Course has stated quite firmly and correctly that now is the perfect time to upgrade assets — particularly in the tourism industry.

LaoLao Bay is building its own tourist attraction in Saipan in the Kagman ? and that’s exactly what hole No. 5 will become.

Congratulations to the management and staff of LaoLao Bay and may some of the courage and hopefully the luck at LaoLao rub off on all of us.