CHALAN KANOA Saipan — Accounting firm Grant Thornton announced the establishment of its Northern Mariana Islands office in Saipan located on the second floor of the Sablan Enterprises Building above the Bank of Saipan in Chalan Kanoa. The Oct. 12 release said Roger Slater and Keith Nakamura partners in the Guam firm decided to open an office after encouragement by their Saipan clients to physically establish a presence in Saipan. Nakamura said the office would allow Grant Thornton to better serve clients there and expand business. He said that although there are those who are negative on the current state of the Northern Mariana Islands economy they are optimistic for the long-term future there. Grant Thornton was officially established in Guam on April 22.

Information about the firm can be found on their Web site at Information about Grant Thornton International can be found at MBJ