The Commonwealth Ports Authority is to be congratulated on finalizing dry dock plans with Guam Industrial Services Inc.

Better known in Guam as the Guam Shipyard the company will do business in the Northern Mariana Islands as the Marianas Shipyard.

At a time when the two pillars of the economy of the Northern Mariana Islands are seeing downturn diversification and the prospect of 100 permanent positions is good news indeed.

As an attractive by-product the news of a shipyard that can accommodate foreign-flag vessels and private yachts and pleasure craft may encourage visitors to our region as news of the Marianas Shipyard begins to reach the wider maritime community.

In addition the shipyard facility offers further opportunities for business development.
Similarly kudos to the shipyard for working with the authority to include an apprenticeship scheme in its intentions for Saipan’s shipyard.

The shipyard was among the first organizations on Guam to recognize the need for skilled labor in our region and did not hesitate to vocalize that need whenever the region’s manpower needs were discussed.

Guam’s neighbor to the North has as much need as this island does for training programs particularly those that will bring our citizens welcome skills and well-paying jobs.