The Journal sees the move by PTI-Verizon in Saipan to enter into the Guam market as a good thing. We understand that the Guam market is saturated with telecommunications companies but where saturated markets exist the trends allow for market forces to adjust.

We hope as information technology and telecommunications consumers that everyone already understands the benefits of another major player entering the cellular phone service arena. All we have to do is look to the Guam Telephone Authority acquisition for the example. GTA was the first to offer an “all-you-can-eat” or unlimited cellular phone service plan now most cellular phone service providers offer unlimited airtime plans. Haven’t we said often enough that “Competition is good.”

Who knows which company struggling to compete in this volatile market will benefit from a partnership or an outright buyout. Creating relationships with business partners in the region will not only benefit the host location for that business but the region as well. Establishing lines of communication not only applies to the actual sale of such a service but also means continual contact with regional players — it all helps to strengthen the flow of money in the area where these companies do business.

Businesses looking for a way to cut overhead with the increase in utility costs and government fees should welcome PTI’s interest in this market and thank GTA for its aggressiveness. The telecommunications war is shaping up to be very aggressive but the free market allows for the consumer to benefit.