Almost 20 years after beginning a trend and building Guam’s first resort wedding chapel the Pacific Islands Club Guam is preparing to set a new standard.

Bartley A. Jackson general manager of the resort said PIC is in final negotiations to build what will be the largest wedding complex on Guam. The wedding complex is just one of a series of renovations in line at the resort.

The original chapel built seven years after the resort opened in 1980 was designed with a Spanish flavor. Situated in the center of the resort’s water park the original chapel conveyed a sense of culture and history. Although the chapel served the resort well over the years providing the setting for hundreds of weddings with current changes in the market the original concept has fallen out of favor. “Now people want to be married in the glitziest chapel available ” Jackson told the Journal. “Today chapels must be beachside contain as much chrome and glass as possible and be upscale modern and new. Unfortunately our current chapel however charming doesn’t fit that description.”

The resort first thought to build a new chapel in September 2001 but the project was placed on hold. A second more recent attempt was delayed due to an ownership change at the resort. Negotiations with a third group to build the new complex are almost complete.

Jackson said the new wedding complex would consist of a chapel dressing rooms and reception rooms so that three receptions can take place at the same time. “It will be a very large complex with the chapel and three function rooms all cliffside. The Pacific Islands Club is one of the few places capable of building such a large complex because our 22-acre property is so large. We have an undeveloped corner where we can accommodate the new wedding complex and more without being cramped.” Although popular the resort discovered that it didn’t need eight tennis courts so management removed four courts making room for the chapel complex. “It’s a nice big parcel which is currently underutilized.”

Situated on the north side of the resort framed by the tennis tent beach and the cliffline the new complex which will cost approximately $5 million is scheduled for completion by summer 2006. “You can’t wait around ” Jackson said. “Although we were the first resort on Guam to build a chapel we kind of were left behind as the other hotels added chapels in recent years.”

The new chapel complex is just part of renovation plans at the resort. The intention is to move slightly upscale while creating a better value perception. Negotiations are ongoing to renovate many of the rooms and restaurants repaint the building and completely renovate the lobby and lower lobby. Jackson said “We think this is important for our very loyal repeat customer base who have been very understanding through some tough times.” MBJ