If you’re planning on sending a document or package through DHL Express you may get a little more than you expected. The worldwide courier company revamped its entire system to accommodate the growing demands of customers and launched a nationwide campaign to promote several different programs and services.

Termed as the U.S. American Initiative Greg Dornon general manager of DHL Express Guam said the plan is a corporate decision in making the company the best at customer service.

Among the items implemented is the ‘sunset rule’ “Which is responding to our customers before the sun sets good or bad ” Dornon said. “So if they have an issue that happened with the shipment or if they have an inquiry we’re going to get back to them before the sun sets that day.”

DHL’s main offices said other initiatives include customer service training workshops employment empowerment initiatives and partnership care.

DHL on Nov. 2 launched the DHL Danzas Air & Ocean Consolidated Distribution Service allowing customers to reduce brokerage fees and shorten delivery times for Asia Europe and Latin America companies importing into the U.S. According to reports CDS reduced cycle times in a trial of the service and improved time-to-market; which in turn eliminated warehousing and distribution center costs. The trial also indicated a reduction in inventory carrying costs and customs clearance costs for a number of large DHL shipping customers. DHL is offering the service to all high-volume U.S. importers trying to make more efficient the supply portion of their business.

Another initiative includes the employment empowerment initiative comprehensive program that allows employees the ability to handle the most complex needs of a customer resolve issues and provide on the spot guidance.

Partnership care is deemed as a white glove type of service and provides customers with just one point of contact to handle their business affairs “In the past a customer service rep would have to get a supervisor or manager’s approval.” He added “We’re empowering them more to respond and all employees whether they are customer service or courier to take care of the customers just by themselves and respond to it.”

Citing an example of a customer seeking information on a package coming to the territory from Europe Dornon said that the first person the customer speaks to will be contacted by that very same individual with an update.

Locally the new system is well received by DHL clients. Among them is Lillian Cruz associate professor at the University of Guam and long time customer. Cruz said she is impressed with the new service but has always been confident with the way DHL has treated their customers “I just tell them what I need and what I want and they are very good and professional in their response.”

Cruz said other companies should follow DHL’s example and provide the same type of service. “When we need to respond to customers we need to respond we need to remember that they are always our priority ” Dornon said.

He encourages all DHL customers to contact the office if they have any concerns “We can’t make all problems go away but we certainly can get back to a customer and explain what is going on and not shy away from problems.”MBJ