While guests at the Holiday Resort Guam may not be paying to stay at a luxury hotel Misoon Kong general manager of Holiday Resort said that’s the impression the hotel’s renovation gives them.

Kong told the Journal “I have been getting a lot of comments from our agents and customers about how the renovations give them a more upscale fancy feeling with all the new carpets and furniture.”

She said the Holiday Resort is not categorized as a luxury hotel but a Japanese wholesaler ranked the Holiday Resort on a par with other luxury hotels on Guam in terms of the internal design.

The hotel is mid-way through renovations which began in September. The project involves renovating the interior and exterior. Outside renovations cost approximately $600 000 and included water blasting and repainting the exterior. The water blasting and painting should be completed by January 2006. The renovations inside are budgeted at $1.4 million and include the changing of all the carpet and furniture in all of the hotel’s 252 rooms as well as the hallway carpeting. Most of the inside renovations were due to be completed by Dec. 25 except for re-carpeting of one hallway.

Kong said Holiday Resort will be adding brand-name franchise restaurants.“We are not able to give out any information at this point. However it will be a good addition to Guam for guests who visit from off-island and those guests who live on Guam.“

The Holiday Resort will also be upgrading La Brasserie and the Matua Lounge and adjusting seating plans and adding three new stations to La Brasserie.

During the renovation period the Holiday Resort was not running at 100%. The renovation of the interior of the hotel had to be done in stages. The work was completed floor by floor with the floor that was being worked on closed off to the guests but Kong said she did not hear any complaints from the guests staying at the hotel.

The new carpet was ordered from Hyosung a well-known Korean company which has been doing business for more than 30 years. Kong said “The carpeting in the rooms and hallways used to be green. We used to joke about it saying that it looked like a golf course. Now the new carpet and furniture go well with the theme of the hotel — European antique. It gives our customers the feeling of a luxury hotel.”

The furniture was designed to compliment the Spa Bali concept.

“We like to give our guests the best accommodations possible by offering a personal touch and great amenities like the luxury feeling with reasonable room accommodation cost.”

The Cho family owners of the hotel and Kong designed and planned the renovations with some advice from wholesalers in the tourism business. MBJ