The lieutenant governor’s visit to Taiwan from Nov. 6 to Nov. 13 continues to draw interest from potential investors and businesses.

Johnson Ma financial manager at the Taiwan branch of ING Life Insurance Company of America said he is studying Guam’s insurance and financial market and that he is working with friends who are interested in investing in Guam “Not only for ING but for other fields as well.”

Ma said “A biotechnology group also came to Guam last week [the week of Dec. 12.].” The company treats waste material with special chemical enzymes that breakdown the waste for later use as compost.

“I already have information on insurance and financial markets — to see if a foreign bank can operate here ” Ma said.

In Dec. 20 interview with the Journal Li-hSiung Yu vice president of Tah Chung Steel Corp. said he is visiting Guam for a second time. Translating for the interview Ma said on behalf of Yu “Mr. Li said there are several factories in Taiwan. There are three factories that fabricate special materials for a building system — special wire mesh. The materials were used in the Taipei 101 [the tallest building in the world] construction Taipei airport harbor and commercial buildings.”

Ma said Tah Chung Steel Corp. creates a sandwiched mesh system with insulation in the middle. He said once the mesh wall is erected concrete is then sprayed on. “Mr. Li said the construction will take half the time but the strength is 10 times greater than conventional concrete blocks.”

Ma said the company has just supplied materials to a 2 000-unit housing project in Taipei proper and a high-speed railroad. He said the company is also doing business in Dubai Japan and Korea. The company makes about 24 000 metric pounds of materials per month.

The building system technology and equipment were purchased from Germany. Ma said the company’s building systems division has experienced a steady 2% growth increase annually in the last 18 years.

According to Ma Yu recognizes Guam will soon see an increase in military personnel. “He is looking for opportunities to use the system for the expansion of the military ” Ma said. He said that Yu’s company will be a developer on Guam and then will offer its products to other contractors.

Ma said Tah Chung Steel Corp. is not a developer in Taiwan. He said the company is only a supplier and does not compete with developers in Taiwan.

Ma told the Journal that this is Tah Chung Steel Corp.’s first attempt at entering the U.S. market and will use Guam as a model should it set up business here to expand its business into other U.S. markets.

Ma said “Mr. Li will continue to study the market but he is impressed with the economy. It will depend on the expected increase in the military housing market — what he knows from the news.”

Ma said the price of materials would be competitive with other local companies. “He said since the construction is faster half the time then the cost factor for construction will be reduced. If the cost to build a house is $70 to $80 a square foot then it will be at $70 no more.”

Yu is also interested in the potential for huge agricultural development should the government assist in finding land Ma said. “Mr. Li said so much good land is going to waste. He said if the [Guam] government is willing to help he would get investors and experts here today.”

Yu also sees an opportunity in the collection and disposal of junk cars. “They could pick up the waste cars and then separate it by plastics metals rubber and then ship it to Taiwan.” MBJ