By its nature the military is accustomed to only sharing what information needs to be shared on a need-to-know basis.

However the coming build-up of military forces has been the subject of so much speculation and debate that it has become impossible for military officials based on Guam or those who have an influence on policy and strategy in our region to avoid answering some questions at least.

What the military can share has been further complicated by national events. These include the Base Realignment Commission process — and whether its recommendations would be approved by Congress and the president — and the Quadrennial Defense Review — due out in March and already six months behind its usual date of issuance.

Questions related to what Guam can expect in military build-up have variously been asked by Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo Gov. Felix Camacho Sen. Tony Unpincgo the Guam Chamber of Commerce the Guam Contractors’ Association and a host of others.

Similarly those same individuals and organizations have been at pains to let the military know that the island of Guam welcomes military build-up welcomes more fellow-Americans to its soil and will endeavor to solve any issues that face the community and its constituents in preparation for — and as a result of the build-up.

Meanwhile the information either flows out — nobody can be in any doubt that the military would like to see a better infrastructure system around Guam — or trickles out — and even a trickle has an effect.

The Guam Power Authority has begun to put our supply source underground — the result of a flow of information and constant messages.

And as our Front Page story shows the trickle of information on housing needs that began to seep out some years back has resulted in a massive effort by entrepreneurs interested in real estate to purchase land and build housing.

Adm. Joe Leidig’s speech to the Saipan Chamber of Commerce on Nov. 2 was a classical example of accurate information going to as wide an audience as possible. Col. Michael Boera will address the Guam Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 25 and no doubt the luncheon will be well attended by those eager to hear more information.

This paper looks forward to bringing you more news of what is planned for our island and region.