Due to the success of the first Leila’s Lingerie which opened November 2005 at the Guam Premier Outlets (See “Guam malls” in the Oct. 31 2005 issue of the Journal.) the owners have decided to open a second Leila’s Lingerie at the Micronesia Mall. Sanjay Dewan general manager of Leila’s Lingerie said that he received a lot of positive feedback from customers. “A lot of women have been saying that this is what Guam needed a lingerie boutique ” Dewan said.

The new boutique will be located in the C3 section of the mall commonly known as the theater wing just past the food court. The 1 200 square-foot boutique is scheduled to open the week before Valentine’s Day 2006. The boutique will be open Mondays through Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sundays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For the opening and the week leading up to Valentine’s Day the boutique will be selling gift baskets. Dewan said “This year we are trying to do something new out here. Flowers are usually the common gift but what we are trying to do is instead of having people say what they want to with flowers men and women can this time say it with lingerie. I’m sure that flowers will always be popular but this time let’s use lingerie to let your significant other know how you feel.”

Leila’s carries a wide variety of women’s lingerie including bras with matching bottoms teddies baby dolls chemises and camisole sets from name brands such as Morgana from South America Honeydew Intimates from the U.S. and Renee Rofe a French brand. The boutique also carries women’s lounge wear sports bras athletic pants and even underwear that you can wear on the outside such as corsets. Dewan said “In the states a lot of women like to wear corsets on the outside with jeans and go out to the clubs.” He said that many of the lingerie items that are not see through could be worn on the outside in a similar fashion. Every season the boutique has new arrivals coming in so customers can purchase the latest lingerie trends.

Men browsing through the boutique will also be able to find items for themselves. Leila’s carries a variety of men’s silk boxers robes pajama sets and even thongs. If that isn’t enough customers are also able to purchase a variety of unisex items including chocolate body frosting massage oils and chocolate games which Dewan said “Can be used as gifts for weddings birthdays anniversaries or any other occasion.

Dewan told the Journal “We want women to feel that this is their own boutique that they can get away to. Women can come here enjoy the atmosphere get away from the hustle and bustle of life and buy something that will make them feel good.” He said that at Leila’s women will also be able to get personalized service that they don’t get at department stores.

Men are also welcome at the boutique. Dewan said “We want to break that myth about men feeling uncomfortable about going into a lingerie shop.” He said that Leila’s staff are very helpful. Men can describe what they like and the staff will put together a package. If men are unsure about what size to buy they can take in a piece of their significant other’s clothing and the staff will be able to choose the correct size.

For men who are confused or just not sure about what to purchase their significant other Leila’s has $25 $50 and $100 gift certificates available. Dewan said gift certificates make shopping a lot easier on men. They don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size or something that their partner would not like and women like certificates because they can use them to purchase whatever they want.

Dewan would not comment on how much money was invested into the store but he did say “A good amount of time and effort had been put into the store to achieve the look we want. By the time the store opens we would have been working on it for two months.”

Fans of Leila’s Lingerie will be happy to know opening up the boutique at other locations is a possibility. Dewan said “We foresee more locations opening in the future.” MBJ