CHALAN LAULAU Saipan — Pacific Telecom Inc. which took over Verizon’s operations from Micronesian Telecommunications Corp. in September 2005 is now working on a merger with a Guam telecommunications company.

PTI is also in discussions with telecommunications companies in Hawaii Palau and Gibraltar as part of its expansion plans.

Buda Concio marketing consultant for PTI said the company “plans to expand operations in Guam and plans on having presence in Hawaii in the near future.” She said presence in other islands and countries is “also on the road map.”

Concio said “While we are still a small player in Guam our key officials have already met and discussed with all the major players about a possible merger. Parallel discussions with telecommunications players in Hawaii Palau Gibraltar… have begun and are still underway.”

Anthony S. Mosley chief operating officer of PTI said “We are always looking for business opportunities that make sense for our company. We feel strongly that regional partnership will rule the day and contribute to the continued growth of not only our company but the multitude of innovative services being offered to the public.”

He said “We are ambitious and are ready to move quickly into new markets where opportunities abound.”

Mosley did not mention which companies PTI is negotiating with but said appropriate mobilization of capital expenditures would ensure the telecommunications company’s growth in a region like Micronesia where market scale plays a vital role in ensuring equipment manufacturers’ return on investment.

“When it comes to capital expenditure intelligent deployment of services that meets the needs of today’s sophisticated consumers is where the total communications entertainment and media battles will be won ” he said.

PTI finally acquired Verizon last September following four years of negotiations with the Northern Mariana Islands government.

Concio said “Everything that Verizon had to offer is still there. But with the new owners an invigorated team and a Pacific focus there is an overall renewed commitment to serve the community better…. We strive to improve on the $100 million Verizon-built network so that we can continue to be the telecommunications leader in the CNMI.”

PTI officially launched on Feb. 2 in Garapan’s Hotel Street which coincided with the weekly street market tourism event.

Carlene Reyes-Tenorio acting marketing manager of PTI said the event took several weeks to put together. Tenorio said “There were definitely more people than usual at the street market during the PTI launch party.”

PTI’s launch also included the introduction of the company’s logo showcasing the company’s initials back dropped by a dolphin and a phrase that reads “Your connection to the world.” MBJ