oan M. Kang
President of the Korean Women’s Association of Guam
assistant manager of Housekeeping at Hyatt Regency Guam

The organization:
In June 1975 the KWAG was established to promote international goodwill and harmony among Korean women and encourage the Korean culture to be part of the Guam community through community-service numerous outreach programs and various Guam businesses.

Janita T. Ng
President of the Chinese Ladies’ Association of Guam
vice president of May’s Jewelry

The organization:
During its 11 years of existence the Chinese Ladies’ Association of Guam has provided Guam’s civic and business communities with many activities that showcase Chinese culture and traditions. The organization says it’s committed to ascend to even greater civic responsibilities in years to come.

Rena K. Borja
President of the Guam Council of Women’s Clubs

The organization:
As the umbrella organization for all the women’s clubs on the island The Guam Council of Women’s Clubs sets up direct communication among the women’s organizations provides civic social and international benefits to the island’s businesses promotes friendship and fellowship among the women of Guam and gets acquainted with the customs and traditions of various nationalities and ethnic groups.

David M. Beaver
President of Soroptimist International of the Marianas
assistant vice president and senior financial advisor of Merrill Lynch Global Private Client

The organization:
Founded in 1986 Soroptimist International of the Marianas is part of Soroptimist International with more than 100 000 members in 119 countries around the world. A recognized authority on women’s issues the organization uses its reputation to provide an enriching environment for women to advocate women’s issues and improve communities.

Maureen N. Maratita
Publisher of Glimpses Publications

Her thoughts:
"There’s a lot of planning behind the award. I’m delighted someone willget such recognition and the gala will be a wonderful event. The support hasbeen outstanding since the announcement.

We’ll be weighing the qualities of outstanding women "" so I’ll look for an extra ounce of commitment or ingenuity."

Laura-Lynn V. Dacanay
Vice president and manager of First Hawaiian Bank Maite Banking Center

Her thoughts:
"Being a woman in business I understand that at times women need toprove themselves more than a man would. Women tend to be more involved in charitableevents and fundraising causes. Times are changing and I wanted to be part ofsomething that recognizes the contributions of our many great women businessleaders in our community." MBJ