HARMON Guam "" Sources told the Journal Marianas CableVision currently the only cable TV programming provider plans to launch day-delayed programming and possibly more channels.

According to Journal sources MCV plans to unveil digital cable service in mid-April. Affiliates of TV broadcast companies have agreements not to air programs until a week after it has aired in the continental U.S. Cable companies do not have that same restriction.

Marianas CableVision acquired EC Communications at the end of August 2005.

Robert Kelley principal consultant for Management Communications Services in an in interview with the Journal in August 2005 said "We had the battle for wireless now we’ve officially started the battle for broadband." He said "And the future battle will be for video services."

MCV and GTA are working to beat the other in bringing better cable services to Guam consumers. Since the sale of the Guam Telephone Authority MCV has looked at ways to keep its customers while GTA has indicated plans to offer cable services.

In an April 2005 interview Robert J. Smith vice president of sales and marketing for GTA said GTA was working on improving its services and product offerings "Those are the big four local calls and long distance is one cable TV is another data services being third and wireless services being the fourth." He said GTA targeted the launch of digital TV at the end of 2005. MBJ