Setsuko Otake

Member Board of Directors Japan Club of Guam; Retired Senior Marketing Officer for Japan Guam Visitors Bureau

The organization:
The Japan Club of Guam acquaints itself with fellow members and builds relationships between Japan and Guam. The organization extends itself to all residents of Guam promoting the Japanese culture to Guam’s businesses and civic organizations.

Jillette Leon Guerrero

Vice President of the Guam Women’s Club; Director of Marketing & Development for the Guam Humanities Council’s Guampedia Project

The organization:
Established the same year as the University of Guam this civic organization is dedicated to the island’s general welfare education and health of the population. Since its inception the Guam Women’s Club has supported numerous nonprofit organizations and causes such as the University of Guam the Guam Museum Crime Stoppers and the GMH Volunteers Association.

Antoinette D. Sanford

President and Co-Founder of Sanford Technology Group LLC
1993 Guam Business Executive of the Year

Her thoughts:
"I look forward to meeting the female innovators of this business community knowing of several that are quite successful and have captured my respect andadmiration. These ladies should be recognized and showcased as role models forothers to emulate."

Doris Flores Brooks

Public Auditor of Guam; 1986 Guam Business Executive of the Year

About her role:
The people of Guam and the government of Guam rely on the OPA to serve as their guardian ensuring the effective and efficient administration and management of public funds and programs. She provides independent nonpartisan accurate and timely assessments of the government of Guam’s financial and operating activities in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards.

Marian Aldan-Pierce

President of Duty Free Shoppers Saipan Division; 2000 Guam Business Executive of the Year

About her:
Marian Aldan-Pierce was called forth to participate in the panel of judges for the 1st Annual Business woman of the Year award being a good leader and prominent icon not only in Saipan but the whole of the Marianas. She holds prestigious titles such as 1999 Businessperson of the Year and was named in the Guam Business Top 100 most influential businesspeople of the century in the same year.

Nita Baldovino

President of the Filipino Community of Guam; Owner of Rambie’s Restaurant Chain

The organization:
The Filipino Community of Guam is the umbrella organization of more than 60 Filipino groups on Guam. It is dedicated to the welfare of the island and helping those in need of it such as the recent Leyte tragedy in the Philippines. Baldovino has spearheaded numerous relief programs including partnering with major Guam businesses to maximize the organization’s efforts. MBJ