Name: Anna Wang Kao
Job title/Company: Founder and president of Genghis Khan Furniture
Biggest accomplishments in the past year: "After 35 years of tireless work to strike the balance between maintaining the company’s strong image while expending its horizon to reflect a broader customer base I am able to expand the original 890 square feet Genghis Khan furniture location to an immense two-story showroom and warehouse of around 100 000 square feet. Community-wise I am proud to say that I am an advocate of "˜better education for Guam’s future generations.’ I am fortunate to be able to contribute anonymously and generously to Guam’s many non-profit and educational efforts. In addition to reciprocate to the community that has been so kind to me I am instrumental in the founding and have remained involved in the Chinese School of Guam the Chinese Ladies’ Association of Guam and the Chinese School Foundation (I was the past president). Presently besides being the second vice president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Guam I also serve on the board of Citizens Security Bank and am a board director of Sanctuary Inc."

Name: Angela S. Yamashita-Santos
Job title/Company:
Director of human resources Pacific Islands Club Saipan
Biggest accomplishments in the past year: "After four years as the human resources manager at PIC I was promoted to director of Human Resources and am the first Chamorro ever (man or woman) to hold executive status at PIC Saipan. I am the 2006 president of the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) CNMI Chapter. I continue to work on the State Workforce Investment Board and the Northern Marianas College/Hotel Association of the NMI (NMC/HANMI) Tourism Scholarship Board. I feel these organizations promote the development of the local workforce as well as careers in hospitality and the private sector. In the Marianas we face numerous challenges from the quality of education minimum wage concerns and labor issues just to name a few and I feel it’s important to be a part of the solution for a better future for our children and our islands."

Name: Antonita "Nette" Camacho
Job title/Company:
Senior vice president Bank of Hawaii
Biggest accomplishments in the past year: "Being first local senior vice president and exceeding revenue projections during first year on the job. Nominated as board member for four organizations and having the privilege to volunteer and/or donate time and resources to community service activities that affect our island our people and our culture."

Name: Becky Cabales-Castro
Job title/Company:
General manager Triple J Five Star Wholesale Saipan
Biggest accomplishments in the past year: "This past year accomplishments have been simple but valuable and fulfilling. I lead a very humble life really. My community involvements include my Parish Kristo Rai and its fund-raising efforts for our church at our annual fiesta. I was elected to serve as a board director to HANMI Hotel Association of Northern Mariana Islands. I was also elected to serve as chairperson for the Events Committee for the Saipan Chamber of Commerce. Another accomplishment from this past year the fine-tuning the opening of Truong’s Restaurant on Saipan. My post at Triple J also earned me the privilege to sit in an education committee with the Chamber of Commerce to interview select and award five scholarships to deserving students in the CNMI. It was personally rewarding to me as I was also actively involved in the fund raising efforts to make that possible."

Name: Elizabeth C. Duenas
Job title/Company:
Associate broker RE/MAX Diamond Realty
Biggest accomplishments in the past year: "Serving as fundraising chairperson National Foundation for Transplants raising money for a bone marrow ttransplant for Deanna Palmer raising over $100 000. Listing and marketing two new great projects in Tamuning: Villa Carmen "" executive homes in a gated community and Oka Plaza Subdivision "" subdivided lots in a new subdivision. Relocating RE/MAX Diamond Realty to our new building in HagÅtña."

Name: Kathleen Hsiao
Job title/Company:
Partner Alpha Insurers/Founder Grand Harvest and Cheers Travel
Biggest accomplishments in the past year: "Having been president of the Chinese Ladies Association of Guam for four years and being able to bring in enough funds for the association at the 10th year anniversary/inaugural party for incoming board members in May 2005. Then being able to concentrate on my next project: finding a permanent home for Guam Symphony and spearhead the community effort to build a concert hall/convention center."

Name: Lynn A. Knight
Job title/Company:
Vice president of corporate affairs Tan Holdings Corp.
Biggest accomplishments in the past year: "Serving as chairwoman of the Hotel Association of the Northern Mariana Islands has been a career milestone. We celebrated the organization’s 20th anniversary during my term. I was also president of the Saipan Chamber of Commerce in its 40th anniversary year. I hold my colleagues in both organizations in the highest esteem as they are general managers of hotels and managers of businesses that I respect and enjoy working with. I’ve also been very active in the Strategic Economic Development Council G10 ad hoc tourism committee Marianas Roundtable and other volunteer work related to promoting economic recovery in the commonwealth. I hope we are making some difference through all of this volunteer work."

Name: Mima Iwana
Job title/Company:
President Ocean Jet Club
Biggest accomplishments in the past year: "Surviving in business after Sept. 11 SARS and Typhoons Chata’an & Paka." MBJ