With one location at the Agana Shopping Center G3 Internet Café is set to open a new café at the Micronesia Mall. Gavin P. Camacho manager of G3 told the Journal that the targeted opening date for the café is May 31. The café is located on the first floor of the mall’s theater wing underneath the theaters. The café will be open every day and on holidays from 10 a.m. until at least 2 a.m. The café will remain open past 2 a.m. if customers are still using the computers. It will have two workers on duty at a time. The owners would not comment on how much was invested into the new café.

The new café will be three times the size of the HagÅtña location. "It will be two or three times as big as this (HagÅtña) spot with 30 computers. It is going to have 50 computers hopefully expanding to 80. By the opening day there’ll be 50 computers already built " Camacho said.

The 50 computers at the new café will be superior to the computers at the HagÅtña location he said. The computers at the mall location will have superior graphics cards and faster CPUs (central processing units) and ROMs (read only memory) and all of the computers will come equipped with CD/DVD burners and have a cable Internet connection. "We build them ourselves. We just buy the parts and put them together. That is the stage we are at with the store. All the construction is done. All the tables and chairs are there. We’re just building the computers themselves." Each computer costs over $1 000 to construct.

At $3 an hour to use the computers at G3 customers can do just about anything they would do on a computer at home. Camacho said customers visit G3 to "Burn CDs copy CDs and DVDs download music surf the Internet scan and print documents do homework Power Point "" the whole Microsoft Office is available here. People also come here to watch DVDs." Customers can purchase blank CDs for $1 each and blank DVDs for $2 each. G3 charges 25 ¢ for each black and white printout and $2 for each color printout.

One of the most popular features at G3 are the video games customers can play and rent. G3 offers a variety of games including Call of Duty 2 Counterstrike World of War Craft Star Wars Battlefront The Lord of the Rings War Craft and Star Craft. "We have all the genres like FPS (first person shooters) MMORPGs (massive multiplayer online role playing games) RTS (real time strategy games) and even sports games. Five-on-five LAN (local area network) parties will be held where customers can play videogames and compete against each other. "We are planning to have a tournament stage area for five-on-five tournaments with a projector and plasma screen as well so customers can watch the tournaments." G3 is planning on having a five-on-five tournament for its grand opening but wants to test the computers for any bugs before holding the tournament.

Camacho said the HagÅtña G3 has turned into a place for people to socialize. "People who don’t really have time to play so they come here and hang out because they like the atmosphere." Because G3 has turned into a place for people to socialize the mall location will have a lounge area with couches and a big screen plasma TV. The café will be decorated with murals from local artists.

G3 is also planning on having classes teaching people how to use various programs. "We wanted to hold classes here but the space is too small. We’ll have classes on how to run Microsoft Office photo shopping burning CDs regular Internet Explorer and how to print out documents." Classes will be held late in the afternoon or early evenings to accommodate people who work. Class sizes will range from 10 to 15 people. The prices for the classes are still being determined.

The grand opening is scheduled for two weeks after the soft opening. MBJ