The 48 hopefuls who collected 2006 candidate packets from the Guam Election Commission as of May 25 include some familiar and some new names.

Declared gubernatorial teams include Gov. Felix P. Camacho and Sen. Michael W. Cruz; former governor Carl T.C. Gutierrez and Sen. Benjamin "BJ" Cruz; Lt. Governor Kaleo S. Moylan and former senator Francis Santos; former delegate to Congress Robert A. Underwood and Sen. Frank Aguon; and Jeff E. Pleadwell owner of Jeff’s Pirates Cove. This is Pleadwell’s second attempt and running with him is Rosanne Cruz Perez Pleadwell his wife. Pleadwell told the Journal his first attempt was in 1986 and he gathered 800 votes.

Familiar names on the senatorial slate so far are Sen. Judith F. Won Pat Sen. Jesse A. Lujan Sen. Adolpho Palacios Rory J. Respicio and Ray Tenorio.

Back for another try are Christopher M. Duenas director of the Department of Youth Affairs making his third attempt at office; Tina Rose Muna Barnes who was not elected for a second term in 2004; and Dave Duenas.

Three candidates from the medical profession collected packets "" Vince Akimoto Walter Chris Perez and Chris C. Dombrowski of Harmon Doctors Clinic who was a proponent of regulating marijuana for medicinal purposes as a senatorial candidate in the 2000 and 2002 elections. Dombrowski told the Journal he collects a packet before each election but is unlikely to make another attempt at office until 2008.

Senatorial hopefuls for 2006 also include Elwin C. Quitano Steven Dierking Telo T. Taitague Trini Torres Rolando "Rolly P. Zabala Joseph Cruz (from Pago Bay) Sam Souza Vicente Ulloa Garrido Alice Taijeron Alfred Duenas Jose S.N. Chagualaf Alejandro Gat Marie R. Diaz Robert L.G. Benavente of Nacion Chamoru Mayor Jose "Pedo" Terlaje Judith Guthertz a former chief of police and educator at the University of Guam; and Joseph F. Mesa general manager at the Port Authority of Guam.

The Guam Education Policy Board has so far attracted Ernie A. Cid; Barry L. Mead assistant professor at Guam Community College; John R. Bouchard; Maria R. Gutierrez; and Ron McNinch associate professor of public administration at the University of Guam who reportedly picked up a packet to experience the process.

The Consolidated Commission on Utilities to date has drawn Edward C. Crisostomo; Jose Santos Servino; Jose Nededog former president of the university; and Judith Guthertz.

Madeleine Z. Bordallo Guam’s delegate to Congress will see another possible Congressional hopeful Debbie Quinata talk show host of KUAM’s 610 AM and Nasion Chamoru member.

The primary election is scheduled for Sept. 2 and the general election for Nov. 7. MBJ