As Guam prepares for an upswing in the economy and the confirmation of 8 000 Marines and their dependents relocating to Guam housing continues to be seen as a valuable commodity. However developers do not cite the pending influx of Marines as their reason for building homes. Three applications were submitted to the Department of Land Management and are awaiting approval to begin construction.

Peter B. Wang representing owners Ming-Ya Zee Charles Y. S. Zee Jeffrey Yu Chen Zee Yu-Jen Yuan Paul Yu-Po Yuan and Catherine Y.L. Wang submitted a tentative development application to the Department of Land Management to construct five multi-dwelling structures totaling 24 units in all along the Tumon Maui well. According to the application the land is vacant with no permanent or temporary structures within its boundaries. The site encompasses an area of 6 533 square meters.

Each of the dwelling units will consist of two stories with an average living space of 943 square feet per floor and 138 square feet of balcony area per unit per floor. The plans also include two parking spaces per unit a living area of approximately 483 square feet a kitchen/dining area at approximately 460 square feet three bedrooms one master bedroom and two bathrooms. The master bedroom will be approximately 188 square feet. The three remaining bedrooms will be approximately 148 square feet each.

The development will have 25 visitor parking spaces with wheel guards concrete curbs and sidewalks. A French drain system will be used to handle run-off within the property boundaries. A retaining wall will be placed along the rear and side yards of the property to support the existing grade of the lot. All utilities such as power water sewer and telephone services will be located underground within the property boundaries.

Wang said incoming Marines were not the driving force behind the development. "We decided to do this partially because of the Marines but the main reason was the improvement of Guam’s market." He said that it was premature to say anything else because the owners were still waiting for government approval.

Jones and Guerrero Co. Inc. also submitted an application to the Department of Land Management. The application was for a height variance order to develop lot 5172-3-1New-3 a 10.5-acre Jonestown property to provide a mix of single-family townhouses apartment and condominiums.

According to the application the development will include the construction of 112 dwelling units. The plans include 20 single-family custom home sites; 16 three-bedroom townhouses; 30 three-bedroom apartments; and 46 condominium units 10 four-bedroom units and 36 two-bedroom units.

The development will have underground parking interior circulation and elevators. The entrance level of the condominium will open onto the swimming pool’s deck mail room and tenant storage. The upper floors will have 10 residential units per floor two four-bedroom end units which have views in three directions and eight two-bedroom units. Units range from 1 100 square feet for the two-bedroom units to 1 800 square feet for the four-bedroom units. Each unit will have two parking spaces located in the basement. Additional guest parking and accessible parking will be provided near the building’s entrance. The plans state "The building will express a contemporary tropical style."

The application did not include plans for the custom home sites townhouses or apartments.

Hafa Adai Properties is also planning on developing a 42-unit 12-story condominium/penthouse. The application was submitted to Land Management requesting a zone variance on Mar. 29. The vacant lot is located on the hillside of Tumon behind DFS Galleria fronting Chichirica Street.

According to the application the property has an area of 4 939 square meters and the proposed building size will be 55 feet wide and 190 feet long. The total gross living area for all 12 floors will be 125 400 square feet. The parking area located in the basement will be 10 450 square feet. The condominium will have an office area lobby with two elevators electrical room and water supply room. A storage facility mailroom lounge gym game room elevators trash chute area administration and two offices will be located on the first floor. Outside the first floor is the garden area.

There will be four units on each floor starting from the second floor through the 11th floor. There will be two types of units a two-bedroom unit and a three-bedroom unit. The two-bedroom units will consist of a master bedroom bedroom three bathrooms a kitchen dining room living room den and laundry room. It will have an area of 2 000 square feet. The three-bedroom units consist of a master bedroom two bedrooms three bathrooms a dining room kitchen living room den and laundry room with an area of 2 400 square feet. Located on the top floor will be two penthouses with a living floor area of 3 025 square feet and an outside roof garden.

Michael Z. Ysrael general manager of Hafa Adai Properties told the Journal "We are looking at slightly larger family-oriented condominiums with a swimming pool and gym. These new condos will be larger than our older apartments."

"We have the land and we have the financing. We are just waiting for government approval. As soon as we have government approval we can start construction on the condominium " Ysrael said.

He said the announcement of the relocation of 8 000 Marines and their dependents to Guam did not affect their decision to build the condominiums. "We decided to move forward some time ago. We’re more apartment people so we are very conscious that the condominium market on Guam is very thin." MBJ