People looking for a new hobby a last minute gift or just something to do can explore Toys n’ Joys located adjacent to Napa Auto Parts along Route 16 Army Drive in Harmon.

Toys n’ Joys opened its doors on Guam in December 2005. The shop carries a variety of imported products through its main branch in Hawaii. Toys n’ Joys is a place filled with a selections of toys video games anime collectibles and game cards. Popular collectibles include replica swords and fire arms. In the anime genre Naruto has been popular in the continental U.S. and Japan and has carried over to the islands as well. Nintendo DS is another well-known video gaming product that Toys n’ Joys carries. The Nintendo DS is also one of the more expensive products carried at a cost of about $400.

Henry Flores general manager of Toys n’ Joys said the toyshop holds an array of toys and games that no other toy stores have all in one place. A place that is comprised of 1 000 square feet of space. However Flores said Toys n’ Joys is planning to expand its store size because of its weekly increasing inventory. Flores said the store continues to be successful because the store receives products one week in advance of other toyshops. He said the inventory in other stores is a month old.

Flores said Toys n’ Joys is a place filled with a variety of current trends of toys and games that serves families. "It is a place that offers family-oriented toys and games where every member in the family can find something they all enjoy doing as a family. It is a place not just for kids but for mom dad and even grandparents " he said.

Toys n’ Joys employs six people. Flores said each person must be passionate about the field of items they oversee. Flores himself is also a gamer and knows from experience the features others will enjoy. Weekends have been the busiest days at Toys n’ Joys. But you don’t need to worry about when it is open because customers are welcome to visit every day of the week including Sundays. Sundays Toys n’ Joys opens from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Customer services at Toys n’ Joys include online service warranty reservation and open orders. In addition Toys n’ Joys is willing to buy used games and DVDs.

Toys n’ Joys is a family-owned business and has been in the industry for more than 20 years. The first Toys n’ Joys opened in Hawaii and provides services to video game players in the U.S. Japan and other places overseas. Toys n’ Joys is located on Oahu in Aiea and Kamuki. The company’s Web site reads "Our philosophy is to bring high-quality service to customers and fellow game players residing in Hawaii the mainland U.S. and the rest of the world." Over time the toyshop has expanded the selection of video games and toys to other collectibles for adults. Toys n’ Joys is filled with a selection of entertainment. DVDs and all-region DVD players can also be found within the shop. Toys n’ Joys management said it will do anything to serve the needs of game players.

Flores said business at Toys n’ Joys keeps getting better. He said "Don’t be surprised that Toys n’ Joys will own the whole complex in a few years and probably have more than one location for better convenience for our customers." He said "Toys n’ Joys is the perfect place for everyone." MBJ