Air Force Lt. General Daniel P. Leaf deputy commander of the U.S. Pacific Command was scheduled to arrive on Guam Aug. 23.

Pacific Command said Leaf will visit in mid-September.

Leaf was due to arrive on Guam to unveil the Guam Integrated Military Development Plan "" the details to date of the military footprint for Guam which will include relocation of 8 000 Marines and their dependents to Guam. He is expected to share Pacific Command thinking on plans for military location construction housing and infrastructure.

While on Guam Leaf is due to meet with Gov. Felix P. Camacho; the 28th Guam Legislature and Madeleine Z. Bordallo Guam’s delegate to Congress. In addition he will meet with a number of civic groups including the Civilian Military Task Force the Society of American Military Engineers the Guam Contractors’ Association the Mayors Council of Guam and the Guam Chamber of Commerce. According to the office of the governor Leaf will also meet with members of the Chamorro Nation.

Leaf was scheduled to hold a meeting at the Hyatt Regency Guam with SAME and GCA where he was to discuss the master plan for the relocation of the Marines to Guam.

John M. Robertson president of AmOrient Contracting SAME board member and chairman of the GCA’s Government and Laborers Affairs Committee and Education and Training Committee told the Journal that SAME and GCA are looking forward to the additional business the military buildup will bring to Guam. He said SAME and GCA won’t voice any specific concerns until Leaf unveils the master plan. "Our broad concerns are how it will be executed. We don’t want to do things too fast. We want to do it in a way where we can absorb the impact without hurting the community."

He said that a concern of GCA’s was that as much of the work as possible is awarded to local companies. Robertson said "We know we can’t do it all. This meeting has even attracted people from Virginia and Australia."

L. Carl Peterson president of Money Resources Inc. and chairman of the Guam Chamber of Commerce’s Armed Forces Committee; said that the general would be meeting either with the committee or members of the chamber. He didn’t know the exact date or time the meeting would be held but was told it would be on the later.

The mayor’s council was scheduled to meet with the general. John F. Blas executive director of the council said that he wouldn’t raise any issues or concerns until he hears what the master plan entails.

Leaf was also scheduled to talk and answer questions at the University of Guam about how the military development will affect the environment.

A Town Hall meeting with the general public remains unconfirmed.

At a press conference held May 23 at the governor’s complex Leaf commented on the progress of the plan to relocate the 8 000 Marines to Guam. He said "This is a pretty fast paced effort to plan for a responsible and mutually beneficial bed down of a large number of Marines. We began our detailed planning in September of last year with the letting of the contracts. By all standards I’ve seen for how big an effort this is we’ve proceeded very well. In fact we didn’t expect to have the joint Guam-military master plan ready for publication until September or October. Only once it’s approved do we have details that we can present to the people of Guam and the Government."

"" Maureen N. Maratita contributed to this story.