A new franchise well established in the Thai market and beyond opened at the Micronesian Mall on July 29.

The Harnn and Thann Spa store offers consumers a variety of luxury spa and body products based on natural ingredients and packaged to reflect the Thai origin of the chain.

Rose Tribaudini and her husband Joel lived in Thailand for a number of years before settling in Guam. After retiring from the Guam Public School System as a developmental nurse she decided to launch Harnn into the Guam market.

The store is a natural progression from an interest in the products that grew into a business venture as friends requested gift baskets from her she said. "I’ve been doing very well on a small scale."

All products are imported. "Everything is brought in from Thailand."

The products follow two ranges "" traditional and contemporary. Traditional Harnn products include massage and spa oils ranging from lavender for relaxation to the combination of Bergamot Orange and Patchouli labeled Sensual. Contemporary Thann range offerings include Shiso rice products. Tribaudini said "Every year there are new lines. We already have a new collection coming."

Lines also include soap shampoo and gels and body lotion and scrubs and body polishes. Traditional packaging of bamboo and handmade Thai Hill Tribe boxes house a gift collection of the most popular items but can also be assembled from items in the store. Tribaudini said the gift range has "the items that are more popular. But there’s something for everyone whatever their budget and taste." Although aimed at the higher end prices range from $4.99 up. A ceramic basin also allows customers to test products such as scrubs. "We also have our towels and ceramics "" the spa accessories."

The store maximizes its 929 square feet through a floor to ceiling wall arrangement of products and central islands designed by a Harnn architect and is decorated in the company colors of maroon and chocolate with signature wallpaper and accessorized in black.

Rear rooms offer facilities for treatment rooms. Tribaudini said the store would offer full body treatments in the future. "The menu is not set yet but will offer things which will be popular with our clientele which is Japanese and the local market." The masseuses will be Thai she said. She said customers began asking about treatments from the day the store opened. "We are going to be offering gift certificates for both products and service and will initiate a VIP card." Tribaudini is looking at two more locations for stores on Guam.

"Working women are pampering themselves and wanting a store like this. Because the scent of the products is not over perfumed it’s appealing to men and women. We have both men and women purchasing the products. Men enjoy aromatherapy too."

"I know the products. Harnn and Thann have several stores in Thailand actually in the higher-end shopping centers " Tribaudini said. The chain has become international with stores in 27 cities including the European capitals of Paris and Barcelona and a location in the Ginza in Tokyo is due to open in August.

Located in the ground floor of the cinema wing across from Coldstone Creamery the store has three employees besides Tribaudini and is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.MBJ