Gan Day restaurant’s combo taste of Vietnamese and Thai food is drawing patrons of the spicy Asian cuisine to Tumon.

Michelle Carmona manager of Gan Day said the restaurant first opened its doors on July 1.

Carmona said she invested $100 000 in Gan Day which includes the renovation of the 10 800 square-foot building along Fujita Road in Tumon. "This place can accommodate up to 100 people. We welcome any parties gathering and business meetings " she said.

Gan Day employs 10 people. Carmona said "We have one executive chef two cook helpers two dishwashers and five wait staff." She said Gan Day is targeting tourists as its main market "but we welcome everyone to come in and try our food." Carmona said because of the comfortable environment family oriented service and good quality food at affordable prices she believes Gan Day will be successful.

According to Carmona the group chose Gan Day as the name for the restaurant because in Vietnamese it means "nearby". She said because of the name customers would feel that no matter where they are the restaurant is always nearby. She said customers could appreciate Gan Day restaurant because it is a clean and comfortable environment that provides good food at reasonable prices. "We are also open to all customer needs if they wanted a local dish or any other dish not listed on our menu the chef is more than willing to make something special for our customers. We try to provide the best customer service we can offer " she said.

Customers looking for appetizers can order fried or fresh lumpia and fried wonton while waiting for their entrees. In addition to Gan Day’s Vietnamese and Thai buffet the main menu also has a selection of noodle soup fried rice and fried noodles. Customers can add shrimp beef or chicken to the dish.

Carmona said the main menu also features steak seafood and Vietnamese and Thai specials that include rice soup and salad. "For our Thai special our main ingredient is spice but customers are more than welcome to request no spice or minimize the spice. One of our favorite Thai specials is our Pad Thai dish that is made of stir fried noodles topped with mixed veggies and your choice of added shrimp or chicken." Carmona said one of the favorite Vietnamese specials is the Gan Day beef salad.

Not only does Gan Day provide an array of Vietnamese and Thai dishes the restaurant also carries assorted drinks to include Thai orange juice. "In addition we have domestic beers and Tiger beer "" a Thai beer. Our iced tea is bottomless for our thirsty customers " Carmona said.

Carmona said she is in the middle of accomplishing her goal as a businesswoman. She said "One of my goals in life was to run my own business. I chose a restaurant business because it ran in the family."

Carmona told the Journal that running the restaurant is a family affair. "My godfather Reynaldo Inza Cruz is the chef of Gan Day who specializes in Vietnamese and Thai food. My co-partners are Alfred Ferrer vice president; and Susan La Rosa secretary. This is a family business. Everyone works very closely."

The restaurant is open from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. where a lunch buffet is provided. "The restaurant is also open to orders on the menu and take-outs during lunch hours and then we have a break. Late night eaters are welcome from 5:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. From Friday to Saturday Gan Day is open to 1 a.m." MBJ