ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE Guam "" As Guam prepares to accept 8 000 Marines and hundreds more of their dependents from Okinawa Donald C. Winter Secretary of the Navy visited Guam to gain a first-hand perspective of the condition and types of military facilities that exist on the island. Winter said "I think the facilities here run the gamut of everything "" from very good [and] new facilities that show recent investment"¦ to facilities that quite frankly would be better off being torn down instead of reconstructed."

More attention is being paid to Asia and the Pacific as China continues to grow as an industrialized nation and tries to bring Taiwan back into its fold and as North Korea continues to test launch missiles.

Winter said the military is considering basing a carrier in several locations along the Pacific Rim to include Washington California Hawaii and Guam. He said "It’s a complex consideration of location operation considerations the costs the issues associated with accommodating both the carrier and the air wing and all the schedule issues associated with being able to accomplish whatever modifications or facilities augmentations that need to be made."

When asked whether outside companies and companies from Okinawa would get preferential treatment in the buildup of facilities to house Marines Winter said "There would be opportunity for everyone."

Winter would not comment on the contents of the Guam Integrated Military Development Plan and called any attempt by him to answer questions posed by the media as "speculative".

With the expected rise in need for a skilled workforce the Journal asked whether he and others would support President George W. Bush’s policy on guest workers in the U.S. and asked if that policy could be applied to Guam to fill the impending need. Winter said the policy would be evaluated. MBJ