Despite Guam’s size the real estate market is fast becoming very competitive. Entering into that busy arena is Argent Estates a new real estate agency. According to Kathleen Salas principal broker for Argent Estates the business opened the first week of July.

The Journal asked Salas if the movement of thousands of Marines and their dependents to Guam influenced her decision to open up a real estate agency. "The decision was more of an entrepreneurial one. I had real estate experience working with an established bank here on Guam and I saw this as an opportunity to put that experience to use. Yes the anticipation of military presence was a plus factor but opening my own business has been in the planning for a while now. In general all factors for opening a business in real estate or otherwise showed potential success with the future outlook of the island " she said.

According to Salas she has a plan to tackle the competitive nature of the real estate industry. "In a nutshell I want to make our company state-of-the-art. It’s not going to happen overnight but we know where we want to be in the near future." Salas said "We’ll be more virtual with full-service accessibility possibly at all times. We’ll have agents that love being in real estate because they have job satisfaction in regards to commission incentives and benefits \ and time flexibility. In turn this will give us excellent customer relations and satisfaction and repeat clientele."

Salas told the Journal her agency will be aggressive by being responsive. She said "The thing everyone hates most is being left uninformed or hanging. I plan to develop an agency that is always on the ball agents that all work together to assist any and every client that calls walks in or personally inquires about real estate." She said "We’ll develop a program so all agents involved in a transaction will be rewarded for effort put into closing a deal. That way business flows seamlessly if one agent for some reason is unavailable to attend to a client. We’re going to maximize human and technological assets instead of conforming to a traditional office environment."

Salas is taking a liberal new age approach to running her agency. "Nine to five shifts won’t be a requirement and having a desk won’t matter. Nowadays all you need is the drive and a PDA camera phone; the rest can be learned or gained through experience if you’re determined enough."

As a new name in the field Argent Estates continues to work on closing the big deals. "Argent Estates Corp. will be a multi-service fully functional entity of its own. We plan to expand and have other diverse Argent branches possibly off-island as well and rank amongst the other large real estate agencies here on Guam. I’d love to be able to say that Argent has come a long way from being a small 1.5 man operation to a well-renowned company." MBJ