Two new radio stations and two new television stations are set to launch soon according to Robert Kelley owner of Management Advisory Services Inc and a telecommunications consultant.

The radio station set to launch is an AM Fox radio station run by Guam Power II Inc.

Guam Power II applied with the Federal Communication Commission to operate an AM station in 2005 and was awarded a construction permit (See "Companies tune in to new stations for the Marianas" in the March 21 edition of the Journal.).

Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting Inc. acquired the rights to the Fox network programming on Sept. 1. In 2005 Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting KEQI on Guam on TV channel 22 and was running a test signal. Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting replaced the test signal with the Fox programming

Fox 6 first went on the air the week of Sept. 28. It was a soft launch and Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting has yet to promote it because it is still testing equipment. Sorensen said Fox 6 has all of Fox network’s programming. "We get all of them including the sports. The sports package is quite extensive and includes the Major League Baseball World Series as well as football next year we’ll have NASCAR. Between ABC and Fox we’ll have all the college bowl games."

Sorensen said "We got the rights to the Fox programming as of Sept. 1. This gives us another product to sell and to promote. It balances our TV offering. The Fox network traditionally has a younger demographic ranging in age from 14 to 30."

He said that prior to Sorensen Pacific Broadcasting acquiring it ABC 14 had the rights to Fox which they gave up. MBJ