Jerk chicken lovers and other fans of Jamaican Grill may have to congregate at the Tumon Restaurant for a meal out while the Chamorro Village location is refurbished. The restaurant is due to reopen in the later part of November.

Frank Kenny co-owner of Jamaican Grill; told the Journal "What we are really trying to do is a kitchen renovation and expansion." He said the new décor at the older of the two restaurants would resemble the Tumon location and "bring certain color schemes and designs from Tumon to the village." He said "The restaurant will be newer and nicer and although the seating area will be the same we will open up the hallways and take out some doors." The restaurant will be given a new awning with a new frame and canopy and new lights and will offer a plateware service. Wall decoration will reiterate the Jamaican shack theme that Jamaican Grill simulates.

The HagÅtña location will see renovations in excess of $300 000 with the project designed by M. Asmuni Abdullah principal at Von Watson Architects; and the work carried out by Guam T&Y Corp. The square-footage of about 3 000 square feet will remain the same. "Our reinvestment is going back into the foundation of the restaurant which is the Chamorro Village " Kenny said.

The redesign of the kitchen is also intended for a more efficient workflow between the two locations. "With the renovation project and kitchen expansion we will have a production kitchen " Kenny said. "We’re looking at that for efficiencies of scale and easier purchasing and storage capabilities. It should open up options for Jamaican Grill to open up into the convenience retail market." He said Jamaican Grill was considering salads and cold food items for retail.

Kenny said the project "Reaffirms our commitment to the village and to Hagatna and to our development of the company." The Hagatna restaurant opened in December 1994 and the Tumon location in October 2004. and the company now employs about 65 employees. The restaurant will temporarily close although a take-out menu will still be offered. "We will still be doing take-out which comprises about 32% of sales " Kenny said.

"Jamaican Grill is reinvesting into the company and the village " Kenny said. "The restaurant is doing its part to revitalize HagÅtña." MBJ