Carl T.C. Gutierrez may be the next in line from Guam to receive the Philippines-based Gusi Peace Prize.

According to the Gusi Peace Prize 2005 booklet the Gusi Peace Prize Foundation Inc.’s mission is "To give honor and awards to distinguished individuals or groups worldwide with exemplary contributions to peace and human rights in Scientific Discoveries Politics Academe Performing Arts Literature Medicine or Physiology Journalism Humanities Physics Religion Internationalism Chemistry Economics Business Philanthropy and others. Our mission is to champion human rights and maintain governance democracy equality international peace and goodwill."

Barry S. Gusi is the chairman of the Gusi Peace Prize board of trustees. The award is in honor of Barry Gusi’s father the late Gemeniano Javier Gusi.

Madeliene Z. Bordallo Guam’s delegate to Congress and last year’s Gusi Peace Prize recipient; said "Each year recipients of the Gusi Peace Prize are recognized for having made significant contributions to society in politics science and the performing arts. Many distinguished individuals are recognized each year by the Foundation for their contributions and I was honored to be a recipient last year. I congratulate this year’s honoree from Guam and I encourage the foundation to continue its good work in promoting positive values that all of us share around the globe."

Sen. Jesse A. Lujan chairman of the Committee on Aviation Immigration Labor & Housing of the 28th Guam Legislature; received the award in 2003. He said "It’s always an honor to be recognized for one’s efforts and achievements over the years but it’s my life’s work and that award gave me extra energy to continue that work." Lujan received an invitation and is considering attending the event this year.

Steven J. Radonich vice president of Smithbridge Guam Inc. will be the emcee at the Gusi Peace Prize ceremony scheduled to take place on Nov. 22 in Manila. He said "The event is up-and-coming and hopes to be the Asian equivalent to the very famous Nobel Peace Prize."

Radonich said "The organization was founded about 39 years ago but they started distributing the Gusi Peace Prize in the past five years." He said "I know Barry Gusi interviewed Carl Gutierrez but I am not too sure if he is an awardee."

When asked why would the Gusi Peace Prize board consider people from Micronesia and specifically Guam Radonich said "Barry Gusi has many friends and long associations in the Marianas and Micronesia and he feels there needs to be some representation from the islands in this region."

According to Radonich hundreds of people from around the world attend the annual event. He said last year’s venue for the ceremony could only handle a thousand people but 2 200 people were in attendance.

Anna C. W. Reid owner of L.A. Painting and Construction and a member of the Gusi Peace Prize board of trustees; said "The Gusi Peace Prize brings people from Guam and the Philippines closer together."

Attorney Fredrick J. Horecky has attended the annual event and is expected to be present again this year.

The Gusi Peace Prize board of trustees in 2005 included former senator Carmen Fernandez as Co-chair for Micronesian Affairs. MBJ