GARAPAN Saipan — The owner of Ebisuya bakery and mini-store in Susupe is scheduled to open a restaurant at the Chalan Kanoa Beach Club on Dec. 1.

Yasuhiro Ueno president of Ebisuya said he would also name his new restaurant Ebisuya. He said Clarence T. Tenorio member of the board of directors of the Joeten Group of Companies and vice president of Joeten Enterprises whom he described as his friend convinced him to open the restaurant. “He always takes care of Ebisuya ” Ueno said.

Tenorio also has shares in CKBC Corp. Ebisuya bakery and mini-store is located at the Joeten shopping complex in Susupe.

Ueno said the restaurant will offer Japanese cuisine at reasonable prices. Ueno said he has been doing business on Saipan for the past 10 years.

The Joeten Group of Companies one of Saipan’s oldest and largest locally-owned businesses bought the Chalan Kanoa Beach Club a 28-room beachside resort on Jan. 11.

Hideo Sugiyama who has been CKBC ‘s general manager since the establishment started operations in 1984 told the Journal in a previous interview that the property sold for $405 000. MBJ